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Harpercollins Bible Commentary by Mays, James L., Gaventa, Be... ISBN: 9780060655488 List Price: $49.99
Harper's Bible Dictionary - Paul J. Achtemeier - Hardcover - 1st ed by Society of Biblical Literat... ISBN: 9780060698638 List Price: $45.00
Reading the Old Testament in Antioch by Hill, Robert C., Society of... ISBN: 9781589834972
Jeremiah (Dis)Placed : New Directions in Writing/Reading Jeremiah by Society of Biblical Literat... ISBN: 9780567641229
Harper's Bible Dictionary by Society of Biblical Literat... ISBN: 9780060698621 List Price: $45.00
Recycled Bible Autobiography, Culture, And the Space Between by Black, Fiona C., Society of... ISBN: 9789004130883 List Price: $111.00
The Linguist as Pedagogue: Trends in the Teaching and Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New T... by Porter, Stanley E., O'Donne... ISBN: 9781905048281 List Price: $95.00
Reading Law As Narrative : A Study in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch by Bartor, Assnat, Society of ... ISBN: 9781589834804 List Price: $27.95
Echoes of Scripture in the Letter of Paul to the Colossians by Beetham, Christopher A., So... ISBN: 9781589834996
Godly Fear The Epistle to the Hebrews and Greco-Roman Critiques of Superstition by Gray, Patrick, Society of B... ISBN: 9781589831001 List Price: $39.95
Animosity, the Bible, and Us: Some European, North American, and South African Perspectives by Society of Biblical Literat... ISBN: 9781589834019 List Price: $45.95
Strangely Familiar: Protofeminist Interpretations of Patriarchal Biblical Texts by Koyzis, Nancy Calvert, Weir... ISBN: 9781589834538 List Price: $35.95
Bakhtin and Genre Theory in Biblical Studies by Boer, Roland, Society of Bi... ISBN: 9789004157378
Redescribing Paul and the Corinthians by Cameron, Ron, Miller, Merri... ISBN: 9781589835283 List Price: $40.95
Reality of Apocalypse Rhetoric And Politics in the Book of Revelation by Barr, David L., Society of ... ISBN: 9789004151079 List Price: $129.00
John, Qumran, and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Sixty Years of Discovery and Debate by Coloe, Mary L., Thatcher, T... ISBN: 9781589835467 List Price: $28.95
Mark as Story: Retrospect and Prospect (Resources for Biblical Study) by Iverson, Kelly R., Skinner,... ISBN: 9781589835481 List Price: $36.95
Was 1 Esdras First?: An Investigation into the Priority and Nature of 1 Esdras (Ancient Isra... by Fried, Lisbeth S., Society ... ISBN: 9781589835443 List Price: $34.95
New Inscriptions and Seals Relating to the Biblical World : By Meir Lubetski by Lubetski, Meir, Society of ... ISBN: 9781589835566
Shadow on the Steps : Time Measurement in Ancient Israel by Miano, David, Society of Bi... ISBN: 9781589834781
Constructs of Prophecy in the Former and Latter Prophets and Other Texts by Grabbe, Lester L., Nissinen... ISBN: 9781589836006
SBL Handbook of Style by Collins, Billie Jean, Socie... ISBN: 9781589839649
Calm Before the Storm : Selected Writings of Itamar Singer on the Late Bronze Age in Anatoli... by Singer, Itamar, Society of ... ISBN: 9789004202559 List Price: $297.00
Midrash and Context Proceedings of the 2004 and 2005 SBL Consultation on Midrash by Society of Biblical Literat... ISBN: 9781593335823 List Price: $75.00
Animosity, the Bible, and Us by Society of Biblical Litera... ISBN: 9789004169180 List Price: $179.00
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