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Pesticides Manging Risks and Optimizing Benefits by Ragsdale, Nancy N., Seiber,... ISBN: 9780841236165 List Price: $180.00
Assessing Exposures And Reducing Risks to People from the Use of Pesticides by Krieger, Robert Irving, Rag... ISBN: 9780841239746 List Price: $154.50
Pesticides in Air Development of Predictive Methods for Estimating Pesticide Flux to Air by Hsieh, Dennis P., Seiber, J... ISBN: 9780788172274 List Price: $20.00
Pesticide Residues in Foods Methods, Techniques, and Regulations by Fong, W. George, Moye, H. A... ISBN: 9780471574002 List Price: $157.95
Fumigants Environmental Fate, Exposure, and Analysis by Seiber, James N., Knuteson,... ISBN: 9780841234758 List Price: $202.00
Treatment and Disposal of Pesticide Wastes by Krueger, Raymond F., Seiber... ISBN: 9780608031361 List Price: $116.60