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Conducting Research Surveys Via E-Mail and the Web by Schonlau, Matthias, Fricker... ISBN: 9780833031105 List Price: $22.00
Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Data Scientists (with R): Chapters 1-3 by Dr. Ronald D. Fricker Jr. ISBN: 9781499684858 List Price: $7.99
Groundwater Recharge with Reclaimed Water: Birth Outcomes in Los Angeles County, 1982-1993 by Elizabeth M. Sloss, Daniel ... ISBN: 9780833027702 List Price: $15.00
Going to the Mines to Look for Diamonds Experimenting With Military Recruiting Stations in M... by Fricker, Ronald D., Fair, C... ISBN: 9780833034434 List Price: $30.00
Effects of Perstempo on Officer Retention in the United States Military by Fricker, Ronald D. ISBN: 9780833031761 List Price: $55.01
Monitoring the Health of Populations by Fricker, Ronald D., Jr., Ri... ISBN: 9781138742345