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The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing by Nagle, Thomas, Hogan, John,... ISBN: 9780136106814 List Price: $91.50
Counterinsurgency Warfare Theory And Practice by Galula, David, Nagl, John A. ISBN: 9780275992699 List Price: $74.95
Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife Counterinsurgency Lessons From Malaya And Vietnam by Nagl, John A., Schoomaker, ... ISBN: 9780226567709 List Price: $17.00
Strategy And Tactics of Pricing A Guide to Growing More Profitably by Hogan, John, Nagle, Thomas T. ISBN: 9780131856776 List Price: $91.50
U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual U.S. Army Field Manual No. 3-24 Marin... by Nagl, John A., Petraeus, Da... ISBN: 9780226841519 List Price: $15.00
Administration of Government Contracts 4e by Jr., John Cibinic, Jr., Ral... ISBN: 9780808014348 List Price: $150.00
The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa: With E. D. Swinton's "The Defence of Duffer's Drift" by Burgoyne, Michael L., Marck... ISBN: 9780226080932 List Price: $14.00
Practice and Policy of Environmental Law by Ruhl, J. B., Nagle, John Co... ISBN: 9781599417929 List Price: $177.00
The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law by J. B. Ruhl, John Copeland N... ISBN: 9781609303983 List Price: $203.00
Questions and Answers: Property by John Copeland Nagle ISBN: 9780820562261
Property Law: Questions and Answers by Nagle, John Copeland ISBN: 9780820556642 List Price: $21.00
Instructions for American Servicemen in Iraq During World War II by Nagl, John A. ISBN: 9780226841700 List Price: $10.00
Practice And Policy of Environmental Law by Ruhl, J. B., Nagle, John ISBN: 9781599410210 List Price: $146.00
The New Counterinsurgency ERA: Transforming the U.S. Military for Modern Wars by Ucko, David H., Nagl, John A. ISBN: 9781589014886 List Price: $26.95
Nagle Journal: A Diary of the Life of Jacob Nagle, Sailor, from the Year 1775-1841 by Dann, John C., Nagle, Jacob ISBN: 9781555842239 List Price: $27.50
Applications Of Graph Transformations With Industrial Relevance by Pfaltz, John L., Nagl, Manf... ISBN: 9783540221203 List Price: $89.00
System and Succession: The Social Bases of Political Elite Recruitment by Nagle, John D. ISBN: 9780292775374 List Price: $19.50
The Law of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (University Casebook Series) by John Copeland Nagle, J. B. ... ISBN: 9781599411583 List Price: $194.00
System and Succession : The Social Bases of Political Elite Recruitment by Nagle, John B. ISBN: 9780292737259 List Price: $25.00
25. Comparative Politics by Nagle, John D. ISBN: 9780830414086 List Price: $29.95
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