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Reports of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to Torres Straits - Volume 2... by A. C. Haddon, W. H. R. Rive... ISBN: 9780521179942 List Price: $36.99
International Law in Contemporary Perspective: Public Order of the World Community by McDougal, Myres S., Reisman... ISBN: 9780882770352 List Price: $42.95
International Law Essays: A Supplement to International Law in Contemporary Perspective (Uni... by McDougal, Myres S., Reisman... ISBN: 9780882774848 List Price: $22.50
Manual of Burns by McDougal, W. S., Slade, C. ... ISBN: 9780387903194 List Price: $107.00
Power and Policy in Quest of the Law Essays in Honor of Eugene Victor Rostow by Rostow, Eugene V., McDougal... ISBN: 9789024729111 List Price: $259.00
Seed Plants of Montezuma Castle National Monument, with Keys for the Identification of Species by McDougall, W. B., Haskell, ... ISBN: 9780685764732 List Price: $1.80
Manual of Burns by Williams, M., McDougal, W. ... ISBN: 9781461263005 List Price: $99.00