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The Doctrine of Recognition: A Translation of Pratyabhijnahrdayam (Suny Series in Tantric St... by Ksemaraja, Singh, Jaideva ISBN: 9780791401507 List Price: $59.50
Swacchanda-Tantra, with Commentary by Kshemaraja Edited with Notes by Pandit Madhusudan Kaul... by Ksemaraja, Rajanaka, Shastr... ISBN: 9781171887416 List Price: $32.75
Swacchanda-Tantra, with Commentary by Kshemaraja. Edited with Notes by Pandit Madhusudan Kau... by Shastri, Madhusudan Kaul, K... ISBN: 9781293778036 List Price: $32.75
The Swacchanda-tantra, with commentary by Kshemaraja. Edited with notes by Pandit Madhusudan... by Madhusudan Kaul Shastri, Ra... ISBN: 9781297006425 List Price: $32.75
The Swacchanda-tantra, With Commentary by Kshemaraja. Edited With Notes by Pandit Madhusudan... by Shastri, Madhusudan Kaul, M... ISBN: 9781296531171 List Price: $26.95