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International Environmental Management Benchmarks Best Practice Experiences from America, Ja... by Hitchens, D. M., Clausen, J... ISBN: 9783540652960 List Price: $160.00
Small and Medium Sized Companies in Europe Environmental Performance, Competitiveness, and M... by Hitchens, D. M. W. N., Isti... ISBN: 9783540401476 List Price: $209.00
Closing the Productivity Gap A Comparison of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Brit... by Hitchens, D. M., Wagner, K.... ISBN: 9781856280983 List Price: $104.95
Campus Companies, Uk and Ireland by Blair, B. M., Hitchens, D. M. ISBN: 9781840141986 List Price: $124.95
Firm, Competitiveness and Environmental Regulations A Study of the European Food Processing ... by Hitchens, D. M., European F... ISBN: 9781858988214 List Price: $95.00
Productivity in the Distributive Trades: A Comparison of Britain, America and Germany - Anth... by Smith, A. D., Hitchens, D. M. ISBN: 9780521309233 List Price: $42.95
Competitiveness of Industry in the Czech Republic and Hungary by Hitchens, D. M., Wagner, K.... ISBN: 9781859720424 List Price: $149.95
International Industrial Productivity by Smith, A. D., Davies, S. W.... ISBN: 9780521249010 List Price: $34.95
Inheritance and Wealth Inequality in Britain by Harbury, Colin D., Hitchens... ISBN: 9780043302965 List Price: $29.95