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Modern Wireless Communications by Moher, Michael, Haykin, Simon ISBN: 9780130224729 List Price: $164.00
The Minister And His Greek New Testament by Robertson, A. T., Haykin, M... ISBN: 9781599251967 List Price: $14.00
Rediscovering the Church Fathers : Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church by Haykin, Michael A. G. ISBN: 9781433510434 List Price: $16.99
God Who Draws Near by Haykin, Michael A. G. ISBN: 9780852346389 List Price: $14.99
At the Pure Fountain of Thy Word: Andrew Fuller as an Apologist by Haykin, Michael A. G., Asco... ISBN: 9781597527972 List Price: $32.00
Very Heart of Prayer : Reclaiming John Bunyan's Spirituality by Najapfour, Brian G., Haykin... ISBN: 9781936670604 List Price: $19.95
Calvin and Missions : The Reformer's Great Commission Vision by Haykin, Michael A. G., Robi... ISBN: 9781433523540 List Price: $17.99
Fullerism as Opposed to Calvinism: A Historical and Theological Comparison of the Missiology... by Mauldin, A. Chadwick, Hayki... ISBN: 9781608998326 List Price: $16.00
The Advent of Evangelicalism: Exploring Historical Continuities by Haykin, Michael A. G., Stew... ISBN: 9780805448603 List Price: $24.99
A Sweet Flame: Piety in the Letters of Jonathan Edwards (Profiles in Reformed Spirituality) by Haykin, Michael A. G., Hayk... ISBN: 9781601780119 List Price: $10.00
Devoted to the Service of the Temple: Piety, Persecution, and Ministry in the Writings of He... by Haykin, Michael A. G., Hayk... ISBN: 9781601780225 List Price: $10.00
Soldiers of Christ : Selections from the Writings of Basil Manly, Sr. , and Basil Manly, Jr by Haykin, Michael A. G., Duke... ISBN: 9780978571177 List Price: $17.95
Travel with Jonathan Edwards by Haykin, Michael, Baines, Ron ISBN: 9781846253904 List Price: $20.00
The Armies of the Lamb: the Spirituality of Andrew Fuller (Classics of Reformed Spirituality) by Michael A. G. Haykin ISBN: 9781894400138 List Price: $14.00
Night of Weeping and Morning of Joy by Bonar, Horatius, Haykin, Mi... ISBN: 9781601780324
Owen on the Christian Life : Living for the Glory of God in Christ by Barrett, Matthew, Haykin, M... ISBN: 9781433537288 List Price: $17.99
Defence of the Truth by Haykin, Michael ISBN: 9780852345542 List Price: $14.99
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