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Test and Evaluation Trends and Costs for Aircraft and Guided Weapons by Fox, Bernard, Boito, Michae... ISBN: 9780833035400 List Price: $28.00
Assessing Competitive Strategies for the Joint Strike Fighter Opportunities and Options by Birkler, John L., Graser, J... ISBN: 9780833030092 List Price: $25.00
Military Airframe Costs The Effects of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes by Younossi, Obaid, Kennedy, M... ISBN: 9780833030368 List Price: $25.00
Military Airframe Acquisition Costs: The Effects of Lean Manufacturing by Cynthia R. Cook, John C. Gr... ISBN: 9780833030238 List Price: $20.00
Contracor Logistics Support in the U.S. Air Force by Boito, Michael, Cook, Cynth... ISBN: 9780833045768
Assembling and Supporting the Joint Strike Fighter in the Uk Issues and Costs by Cook, Cynthia R., Arena, Ma... ISBN: 9780833034632 List Price: $24.00
Overview of Acquisition Reform Cost Savings Estimates by Lorell, Mark, Graser, John C. ISBN: 9780833030184 List Price: $20.00
Price Based Acquistion:Issues & Challenges for Defense by RAND Corporation, John C. G... ISBN: 9780833037886 List Price: $28.00
Final Assembly and Checkout Alternatives for the Joint Strike Fighter by Cook, Cynthia R., Arena, Ma... ISBN: 9780833032102 List Price: $28.00
Retaining F-22A Tooling: Options and Costs by Graser, John C., Brancato, ... ISBN: 9780833050984 List Price: $15.00
The Economics of Air Force Medical Service Readiness by Graser, John C., Blum, Dani... ISBN: 9780833050229 List Price: $22.00
Effects of Advanced Materials on Airframe Operation and Support Costs by Raman, Rajkumar, Graser, Jo... ISBN: 9780833032973
Methodology for Comparing Costs and Benefits of Management Alternatives for F-22 Sustainment by Cook, Cynthia R., Boito, Mi... ISBN: 9780833048943 List Price: $25.00
Options for and Costs of Retaining C-17 Aircraft Production-Only Tooling by Graser, John C., Keating, E... ISBN: 9780833058898
The Air Force's Experience with Should-Cost Reviews and Options for Enhancing Its Capability... by Michael Boito, Kevin Branca... ISBN: 9780833060273 List Price: $20.00