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Financial Audit : 1999 Financial Report of the United States Government by Walker, David M., Steinhoff... ISBN: 9780756702052 List Price: $25.00
Information Security : IRS Electronic Filing Systems by Dacey, Robert F. ISBN: 9781437901948 List Price: $20.00
Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM) by Dacey, Robert F. ISBN: 9781437914061 List Price: $45.00
Homeland Security: Information Sharing Responsibilities, Challenges, And Key Management Issues by Robert F. Dacey, Randolph C... ISBN: 9780756739607 List Price: $20.00
Critical Infrastructure Protection Federal Efforts Require a More Coordinated and Comprehens... by Dacey, Robert F., Powner, D... ISBN: 9780756732004 List Price: $20.00
Etude Sur Madame Elisabeth d'Apres Sa Correspondance Suivie de Lettres Inedites et Autres Do... by Robert F. Dacey United Stat... ISBN: 9781234868765 List Price: $14.14
Histoire des Croisades by Robert F. Dacey United Stat... ISBN: 9781234876500 List Price: $20.59
Reisescenen in Bayern, Tyrol und Schwaben by Robert F. Dacey United Stat... ISBN: 9781234867775 List Price: $19.99
Irs Modernization : Continued Progress Necessary for Improving Service to Taxpayers and Ensu... by James R. White Robert F. Da... ISBN: 9781234867423 List Price: $19.99
Information Security : Improvements Needed in Treasury¿s Security Management Program by Dacey, Robert F. ISBN: 9781428941809 List Price: $15.00
Information Security : Further Efforts Needed to Fully Implement Statutory Requirements in DOD by Robert F Dacey; United States. ISBN: 9781234868086 List Price: $14.14