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Econometric Methods With Applications in Business and Economics by Heij, Christiaan, Boer, Pau... ISBN: 9780199268016 List Price: $99.00
Never Call Them Jerks Healthy Responses to Difficult Behavior by Boers, Arthur Paul ISBN: 9781566992183 List Price: $14.95
Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book, Ordinary Time by Boers, Arthur Paul, Gingeri... ISBN: 9780836193749 List Price: $22.99
Way Is Made by Walking A Pilgrimage Along the Camino De Santiago by Boers, Arthur Paul, Peterso... ISBN: 9780830835072 List Price: $15.00
Justice That Heals: A Biblical Vision for Victims and Offenders by Arthur Paul Boers ISBN: 9780873031844 List Price: $12.95
Introduction to the Devout Life by de Sales, Francis, Boer, Paul ISBN: 9781479268054 List Price: $8.60
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection : Volume I of III by Rodriguez, Alphonsus, Boer,... ISBN: 9781481855976 List Price: $18.25
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection : Volume III of III by Rodriguez, Alphonsus, Boer,... ISBN: 9781481869300 List Price: $14.00
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection : Volume II of III by Rodriguez, Alphonsus, Boer,... ISBN: 9781481862677 List Price: $16.60
Practical Pharmaceutics : An International Guideline for the Preparation, Care and Use of Me... by Bouwman-Boer, Yvonne, Fento... ISBN: 9783319158136 List Price: $129.00
Reality: a Synthesis of Thomistic Thought by Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald... ISBN: 9781477582404 List Price: $13.75
Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops by Horne, Paul, Crawford, Deni... ISBN: 9780522850215 List Price: $29.95
Environmental Outlook: Law and Policy - Paul Leadbeter - Paperback by Leadbeter, Paul, Gunningham... ISBN: 9781862873155
Seven Ecumenical Councils by Percival, Henry, Boer, Paul... ISBN: 9781491035207 List Price: $18.20
Catholic Study Edition of the Gospel According to St. Mark by Publications, Veritatis Spl... ISBN: 9781490373706 List Price: $13.20
Catechism of the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas for the Use of the Faithful by Pegues, R. P., Whitacre, Ae... ISBN: 9781477562628 List Price: $13.75
St. Augustine of Hippo: Homilies on the Gospel of St. John by of Hippo, Augustine, Boer, ... ISBN: 9781478116585 List Price: $17.75
Proslogium, Monologium, in Behalf of the Fool by Gaunilon, and Cur Deus Homo by of Canterbury, Anselm, Boer... ISBN: 9781478255024 List Price: $9.60
Spirit of St. Francis de Sales by Camus, Jean, Boer, Paul ISBN: 9781478340959 List Price: $11.45
Book of Psalms and the New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Publications, Veritatis, Ch... ISBN: 9781479138814 List Price: $13.90
St. Augustine of Hippo : Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount According to Matthew and the Harmony... by of Hippo, Augustine, Boer, ... ISBN: 9781479359394 List Price: $17.10
Blessed John of Ruysbroeck : The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, the Sparkling Stone, a... by of Ruysbroeck, Blessed John... ISBN: 9781479335466 List Price: $8.25
De Trinitate: on the Trinity by of Poitiers, Hilary, Boer, ... ISBN: 9781480110854 List Price: $13.95
Great Heresies and Survivals and New Arrivals by Belloc, Hilaire, Boer, Paul ISBN: 9781480140219 List Price: $11.85
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