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Medicaid and Schip Recent Hhs Approvals of Demonstration Waiver Projects Raise Concerns by Allen, Kathryn G., Iritani,... ISBN: 9780756729196 List Price: $20.00
Medicare Home Health Agencies Weaknesses in Federal and State Oversight Mask Potential Quali... by Allen, Kathryn G., Ochinko,... ISBN: 9780756732073 List Price: $25.00
Medicare and Medicaid : Implementing State Demonstrations for Dual Eligibles Has Proven Chal... by Allen, Kathryn G., Ochinko,... ISBN: 9780756709006 List Price: $25.00
US Insular Areas : Multiple Factors Affect Federal Healthcare Funding by Allen, Kathryn G. ISBN: 9781422304594 List Price: $25.00
Zwei Gerichtliche Vertheidigungsreden by Richard J. Hillman Kathryn ... ISBN: 9781234868734 List Price: $19.99