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Enter your ISBNs or UPCs
What is an ISBN?
The ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit number that is unique to a particular title, author, edition, and publisher. It can be found on the back cover of each book.
What is a UPC?
The UPC is a 12 digit number that is unique to a particular item. It can be found on the back of the product case of each product.

Why Sell Your Textbooks Back to ValoreBooks.com?

  • Highest Buyback Prices
    ValoreBooks.com utilizes our marketplace of over 20,000 sellers who are looking to acquire inventory to help you get the most back for your used textbooks, iPads, iPhones, CDs, DVDs, and video games. Just enter your ISBNs or UPC numbers and ValoreBooks.com will display the highest available price quote.
  • Free Shipping
    ValoreBooks.com offers free shipping on all sellback orders, including textbooks. After you view the prices for your textbook, we will provide a prepaid shipping label so you can ship it for free!
  • Fast Payment
    ValoreBooks.com offers two payment options when you sell your textbook back. You can select a standard check in the mail, or if you would like your payment expedited, you may select the PayPal payment option.
  • Free Order Tracking
    ValoreBooks.com will provide free order tracking on all sellback orders. We will notify you when your order has been processed and when your payment is on the way!
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