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Selling Your Used Products

CMI provides a service that allows Customers to offer their new or used textbooks, cell phones, tablets, electronics, DVD’s, CDs and other products for sale to Buyers via its marketplace technology (the “Sell Back Program”). CMI, in its sole discretion, will determine whether a product is eligible for a price quote issued through any program based on Buyer demand and price guides. CMI will not honor price quotes made for products that we determine are in unacceptable condition or, in the case of textbooks, without their accompanying supplements, loose leaf, teachers’ or unsupported editions, or that do not match the corresponding product UPC or ISBN that was listed in the price quote provided. When CMI or its Buyers receive products that we deem to be ineligible for purchase for any reason, we will, and you hereby agree that we have the right to, recycle (or otherwise dispose of) them on your behalf. CMI reserves the right to revoke/revise any price quote for any reason until such time as the product is actually received and accepted by CMI, its agents, or the Buyer themselves. If CMI determines that the product submitted for buyback is still the subject of an outstanding lease (and thus ineligible for resale) then the buyback quote will be rescinded and the product shall be returned to you or the Provider who leased the item at additional shipping costs billed to you. If additional charges are due on the original lease account, these shall also be reconciled accordingly based on the return date.

Please see our Sell Back Policies and Sell Back Details for complete details on the processes for the Sell Back Program

CMI price quotes are valid until receipt of the product but in no case greater than 30 days. This means that products submitted under the Sell Back Program must be shipped as soon as possible after a price quote is made. If CMI, its agents, or Buyers receive products later than thirty (30) days after the quote, we will compensate the customer based on the then-current value, which may significantly differ from the price initially quoted. Under no circumstances shall CMI be responsible for (i) any lost or damaged products, or (ii) the cost of shipping products under the Sell Back Program other than through your use of a prepaid shipping label that we provide at the time of issuing the product price quote.

By participating in the Sell Back Program, you represent and warrant that you are the lawful owner of the product and the product is free and clear of any lien or encumbrance. CMI may discontinue, permanently or temporarily, the Sell Back Program for any or no reason at any time without notice.

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