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Tips for Booksellers

  1. Answer customer questions immediately

    Our target market is the college student. Most college students are on tight deadlines and need their textbooks and books fast! Slow responses to inquiries will result in lost textbook sales, and negative seller feedback ratings.

  2. Respond to Customer Service Questions within 48 hours

    It is imperative that all Marketplace Sellers respond to Service Questions within 48 hours. If a Marketplace Seller fails to respond to a question in a timely manner, will take further action on the disputed topic.

  3. Upload Order Tracking for all orders

    We suggest all Marketplace Sellers upload order tracking for their orders. This will ease the mind of the customer as they can track their package and you can verify that your item has been delivered.

  4. List your textbooks in the appropriate book condition

    To prevent returns and negative feedback we suggest that all Marketplace Sellers list their textbooks in the appropriate book condition. If your textbook is not new, make sure to place it in the appropriate book condition: like new, very good, good or acceptable.

  5. List your textbooks in the appropriate book type

    To prevent returns and negative feedback we suggest that all Marketplace Sellers list their items in the appropriate book type. Llst your items appropriately so the student knows exactly what they are buying.

  6. Add descriptive book comments

    Adding descriptive comments such as cover ware, highlighting, notes, CD included, and any other important information will help aid the customer while purchasing their textbook. Textbooks that provide descriptive comments have a much better chance of selling than textbooks that lack descriptive details.

  7. Keep your inventory up to date

    Top textbooks sell by the thousands each day during the back to school seasons. Therefore, keeping your inventory up to date is key. Any canceled order results in a lost customer and will negatively effect your confirmation and feedback rating.

  8. Contact your customer with any questions or updates

    It is imperative to contact your customer if any questions or updates arise regarding their order.

  9. Allow e-mails from

    Many new e-mail accounts have spam filters that will filter out unrecognized e-mail. Please allow your system to receive e-mails from We will send out important notifications regarding your account.

  10. Use flat rate envelopes and boxes for priority mail

    We suggest all sellers use Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes to save money if you are shipping with priority mail.

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