What is the ValoreBooks Order Processing Policy?

Order Confirmation: Marketplace Sellers must confirm or cancel orders within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). If an item is not confirmed or canceled within the required timeframe, will auto-cancel the order. Once an order is auto-cancelled does not have the ability to re-bill the customer.

Order Shipping: Orders must be shipped out within 24 hours after they have been confirmed.

Shipping Timeframe: Marketplace Sellers are required to ship items with an appropriate shipping method that will deliver the items in the time frames listed below:

Priority Mail: 3-5 business days (rare cases - up to 7 days)

Media Mail: 4-14 business days (rare cases - up to 30 days)

Packaging: We suggest that Marketplace Sellers securely package their items so they will not be damaged during shipping. Confirmation of Delivery: It is strongly recommended that all Marketplace Sellers upload order tracking. By using order tracking, booksellers can confirm delivery if the buyer claims they did not receive the item.