How should I prepare my devices for sellback?

Before sending in your iPhones and iPads, please:

  1. Ensure that the condition of your device meets our sellback standards

  2. Backup your data
    • For help with backing up your device, click here

  3. Erase all personal data from your device

  4. Turn off Find My iPhone
    • Go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn off Find My device

  5. Turn off iMessage
    • Go to Settings > Messages, then tap to turn off iMessage

  6. Disable passwords and screen locks
    • Turn off any passwords that will prevent us from testing your device

  7. Deactivate cellular service, if applicable
    • Contact your wireless service provider (ex: Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc.) to cancel your service and make sure that your ESN (electronic serial number) is no longer active.

  8. Remove SIM card, if applicable

  9. Charge your device
    • This will help to speed up processing and payment

Note: Once received, your device will be cleared of any personal information. If we receive your items after the 30-day quote period, a new sellback price will be issued at the current market price, which may be lower than the original price quote. If we receive your items and they are in a condition other than originally indicated, your sellback quote may be revised or rejected.