What are the Seller Communication Guidelines?

Seller correspondence should include responses directed and pertaining to buyer inquiries in regard to orders only.

Seller e-mail may not include any of the following:

  • Personal attacks or derogatory comments
  • Threats or threats of legal action of any kind
  • Swearing or any inappropriate language
  • Links to any outside website
  • Any marketing message or promotion
  • Any promotion for additional products or referral to third-party products or promotions

Feedback Communications:

  • agrees that buyers have the right to submit feedback based on their perception of their buying experience.
  • Do not solicit feedback removal from customers more than once a month.

The following sanctions may be taken against sellers who do not comply to the Seller Communication Guidelines:

  • Removal of recommended seller status
  • Paused account
  • Banned account

If you have any questions please contact