Why is the amount that I was quoted different than the amount I will actually be receiving?

When you create your sellback order, you are given a quote based on the information you provided during the quote process: the ISBN of your book, UPC of your CD, condition of your iPhone, etc. When your sellback items arrive at our warehouse, they then go through an evaluation process. Your quote may be revised if the evaluation determines that:

  • The ISBN or UPC numbers of the items received do not match the ISBN or UPC numbers of the items quoted. Please note that book titles often have multiple ISBN numbers associated with them, so it is critical that you input the exact ISBN of the book you wish to sell back in order to get an accurate quote. If there are stickers covering the ISBN of your book, please remove them.
  • The condition of your item does not match the condition you stated when you created the order – this condition will be restated on your packing slip.
  • The item you sent does not meet our sellback standards.
  • Items listed on your packing slip are not included in the package received at our warehouse.
  • The order arrived at our warehouse after the 30-day quote period. When you create your sellback order you are given a price quote that is valid for 30 days. Items that are received after this 30-day period will be re-quoted at the current market price.
  • The item required a CD, but was sent without one. In these cases, the sellback price is usually reduced by 50%.