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So much of what you study at school is abstract in nature. You may learn about art, or music, or literature. Sometimes, though, you want to learn how something works. You need to know how to keep it working, and you need to know how to fix it when it breaks. When you rent technical textbooks, you gain the knowledge you need to be a productive member of society. When something important breaks, you'll be there to fix it, making you the hero of the office, the factory, and maybe even the planet. Technical textbooks give you the know-how to be the employee no one can afford to be without, and when you rent textbooks, you're not stuck with books you don't need anymore. College bookstores are notorious for refusing to buy back books because an instructor has chosen to use a different book in the future. Textbook rental saves you from having to deal with that, and leaves you more time to bask in the adoration of your coworkers.

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Niosh Health Hazard Evaluation Report Heta 2002-0306-2911 Warren Tech Lakewood, Co by Centers For Disease Control... ISBN: 9781493714292 List Price: $15.99
High-Tech and Micropropagation I (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry) by Y. P. S. Bajaj ISBN: 9783642764172 List Price: $99.00
Apprentice Workbook : Vo-Tech Standards by Martinage, Bernard ISBN: 9781494354213 List Price: $28.50
Steven Stevens: High Tech High (Volume 2) by Jim Welch ISBN: 9781494274641 List Price: $5.99
Pharmacy Tech Prep Mathematics by Kelley, Karen ISBN: 9780991142156 List Price: $10.00
Party Foul by High Tech High International ISBN: 9781499323689 List Price: $4.09
Innovation in Materials Science by Trans Tech Publications Sta... ISBN: 9780878493890 List Price: $180.00
Termec 2009 by Trans Tech Publications Sta... ISBN: 9780878492947 List Price: $754.00
Have Tech Will Travel : SCE Omnibus by DeCandido, Keith R. A., DeC... ISBN: 9781476792729
Planets 4D by Digital Tech Frontier ISBN: 9780983012771 List Price: $49.99
Protect Our Ponds! by Kindergarteners, High Tech ... ISBN: 9781500134716 List Price: $6.09
Capturing the Innovation Vortex: The System to Grow, Protect and Secure Your Tech Company by N. Paul Friederichs III ISBN: 9781496185808 List Price: $29.95
Spanish for the Echo Tech : An Echo Exam Translation Guide by Knowles, Deborah ISBN: 9781495265860 List Price: $10.99
Picture Is Worth 1000 Words : Art and Stories by the Class Of 2014 by High Tech High Internationa... ISBN: 9781499164213 List Price: $23.00
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES): Health Tech/Blood Pressure Proced... by Centers for Disease Control... ISBN: 9781499255669 List Price: $18.99
Motivating Tech-Savvy Children : Multiple Intelligences Can Help by Koch, Kathy ISBN: 9781941062043 List Price: $10.00
Low Tech Ghost Hunting 101: Volume One by Paradis, Sean ISBN: 9781499704389 List Price: $7.99
Low Tech Ghost Hunting 101: Volume Two by Paradis, Sean ISBN: 9781499769838 List Price: $7.99
High-Tech DIY Projects with Robotics by Murphy, Maggie ISBN: 9781477766569 List Price: $70.50
Ultimate Tech Start-Up Manual by Scelzo, Tony ISBN: 9781500168469 List Price: $19.98
Traditional 'Low Tech' Small Business Advertising: Learn the Basics in Two Hours by U.S. Small Business Adminis... ISBN: 9781500197384 List Price: $10.00
Whole Meal Cookbook by Media Arts, High Tech High ISBN: 9781499681284 List Price: $29.95
Ampersand: The Student Journal of School & Work by High Tech High Media Arts ISBN: 9781499682298 List Price: $19.95
Human Gene Mapping Tech by Donis-Keller, H. ISBN: 9780716770121
Basic Vo-Tech Math Simplified by Olivo, C. Thomas ISBN: 9780827349599 List Price: $10.00
Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate by Randall J Morris ISBN: 9781494906924 List Price: $5.99
Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate Volume II by Randall J Morris ISBN: 9781497577268 List Price: $5.99
Zambia Creative and Tech Studies PB 3 by Unknown ISBN: 9789982183871
Shred Tech. Volume III: How to Play the Guitar Fast: Speed Primer by Tim Scullion ISBN: 9781491081310 List Price: $21.03
Thermodynamics of Tech Gas Reactions - Primary Source Edition by F. Haber ISBN: 9781287622277 List Price: $15.75
Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary: Lesn Plnr & Tech Res Cd Lv6 by HOUGHTON MIFFLIN ISBN: 9780618587384 List Price: $79.20
Jamaica Cons Tech 1 Trainee Guide by NCCER ISBN: 9780132128087
High Tech for Downtown Boston? - Primary Source Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9781287805342 List Price: $21.75
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