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Spanish is spoken by almost a half billion people worldwide. More people are native Spanish speakers than any other language besides Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of twenty-one nations, as well as the flamenco. When you rent Spanish textbooks, you take the first step in learning an elegant, passionate language. With an education in Spanish, you can explore almost every country in the Western Hemisphere and speak in the native tongue. Text books are available for every level of Spanish proficiency, from those who have spoken the language their whole life to those who can barely spell "agua." Spanish textbooks are an essential part of a college education, for foreign language majors as well as those simply satisfying a graduation requirement. When you rent textbooks for Spanish classes, you don't have to worry about being stuck with a textbook below your proficiency level. Simply return the book when your class is over and your exams are passed. Textbook rental is an idea that sounds great in any language.

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LifeSkills Training Elementary School Level 1 - Spanish Teacher's Manual by Botvin, Gilbert J. ISBN: 9780933665309 List Price: $85.00
99 Best Websites for Elementary Spanish Teachers by Johnson, Sue, Steimel, Brid... ISBN: 9780756001292 List Price: $3.95
Teaching Elementary Spanish by Toys Tricks for Teachers Staff ISBN: 9780756001759 List Price: $21.95
Custom Spanish Curriculum January Year 1 - Elementary by Unknown ISBN: 9780781440431 List Price: $14.95
Custom Spanish Curriculum July Year 1 - Elementary by Unknown ISBN: 9780781440448 List Price: $14.95
Custom Spanish Curriculum January Year 2 - Elementary by Unknown ISBN: 9780781440455 List Price: $14.95
Custom Spanish Curriculum July Year 3 - Elementary by Unknown ISBN: 9780781440486 List Price: $14.95
Custom Spanish Curriculum January Year 3 - Elementary by Unknown ISBN: 9780781440479 List Price: $14.95
Elementary Spanish-American Reader by Luquiens, Frederick Bliss ISBN: 9781151051424 List Price: $19.94
Elementos de Español : An Elementary Spanish Grammar for Schools and Colleges by Moreno-Lacalle, Julin, More... ISBN: 9781149191880 List Price: $42.75
Elementary Spanish Grammar for Reading and Writing (with Exercises) by Delannoy, Philippe ISBN: 9780982501238 List Price: $17.95
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Harrison, Earl Stanley ISBN: 9781146071277 List Price: $19.75
The Elementary Spanish Reader and Translator by Toln, Miguel Teurbe, Tolón,... ISBN: 9781147994834 List Price: $22.75
Elementary Language Practice - Without Key (Spanish Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780435241230 List Price: $32.40
Elementary Language Practice - With Key (Spanish Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780435241223 List Price: $34.00
Elementary Spanish Reader (Spanish Edition) by Delannoy, Philippe ISBN: 9780982501207 List Price: $15.95
An Elementary Grammar of the Spanish Language by Loiseaux, Louis Marie Auguste ISBN: 9781148538990 List Price: $23.75
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Loiseaux, L. A. ISBN: 9780559171789 List Price: $22.99
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780559171741 List Price: $21.99
Elementary Spanish-American Reader (Spanish Edition) by Hatheway, Joel, Bergé-Soler... ISBN: 9781146614412 List Price: $38.75
Sopa de Letras - A Basic Spanish Vocabulary Review in Word-Search Puzzle Form (Spanish Edition) by Elementary Languages, Phili... ISBN: 9780979454691 List Price: $17.95
Elementary Spanish II: Supplements to Episodes Five to Eleven of Zarabanda by Franco, Faust ISBN: 9780840349927 List Price: $10.95
An Elementary Spanish Grammar by Cano, Baldomero Sanín ISBN: 9781146226707 List Price: $32.75
Spanish Worksheets - Physical Science : Hands on Elementary School Science by Poore, Linda ISBN: 9781883410285 List Price: $25.00
Speaking Spanish in the Classroom : For Elementary School Teachers and Staff by Oliveira, Maria ISBN: 9781888165975 List Price: $34.95
Elementary Spanish Grammar : With Practical Exercises for Reading, Conversation, and Composi... by Espinosa, Aurelio Macedonio... ISBN: 9781164630890 List Price: $27.96
Elementary Spanish II by Vogt, Eric W. ISBN: 9781586925314 List Price: $24.95
PowerPoint Illustrations for Elementary Spanish and French by Gaab, Carol ISBN: 9781934958292 List Price: $29.00
Elementary Spanish--Worktext Step 3 by Rosier, Michelle ISBN: 9781591662785 List Price: $15.00
Face2face Elementary Student's Book with CD ROM Spanish Edition by Redston, Chris, Cunningham,... ISBN: 9788483233689
An Elementary Grammar Of The Spanish Language by Marie Auguste Loiseaux, Louis ISBN: 9781103833832 List Price: $23.99
Elementary Spanish-American Reader by Joel Hatheway, Edward Bergé... ISBN: 9780554497099 List Price: $28.99
Elementary Spanish-American Reader by Joel Hatheway, Edward Bergé... ISBN: 9780554497044 List Price: $30.99
Language Literacy Lessons: Elementary-Reading (Spanish Language Edition) by Imogene Forte ISBN: 9780865305786 List Price: $10.95
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