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For many people, the only thing they know about religion is Samuel L. Jackson's quote from Pulp Fiction. Religious studies classes are a part of many university course catalogs because they offer a chance to examine mankind's need to understand its place in this big universe of ours. Whether you are a devoted believer in one of our global society's many faiths, or an impartial observer who doesn't subscribe to a belief, religion can be a powerful educational tool in the observance of the human condition. Religion textbooks provide the insight into the world's various faiths that is necessary for such an observance. When you rent religion textbooks, you gain this knowledge without having to purchase the text books, which as any college student knows, can get pretty expensive. Textbook rental offers an affordable option to people who have no interest in holding on to their books after class ends. When you rent textbooks, you make a wise financial decision.

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Human Rights and the World's Religions by Rouner, Leroy S. ISBN: 9780268011079 List Price: $13.00
I Am Shinto (Religions of the World (Rosen)) by Noriko S. Nomura, N. S. Nomura ISBN: 9780823923809 List Price: $18.75
Illustrated Dictionary of World Religions by Jones, Arthur ISBN: 9780080241760 List Price: $20.00
Global Congress of World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780932894151 List Price: $10.95
God/Man/World Triangle A Dialogue Between Science and Religion by Crawford, Robert ISBN: 9780333689356 List Price: $55.00
Golden Rules of World Religions 1931 by Noble, Miriam ISBN: 9780766142077 List Price: $15.95
Belief Unbound A Promethean Religion for the Modern World by Montague, William P. ISBN: 9780836952391 List Price: $19.95
Between Worlds: The Life and Thought of Rabbi David Ben Judah Messer Leon (SUNY Series in Ju... by Hava Tirosh-Rothschild ISBN: 9780791404485 List Price: $31.95
World of the Rings: Language, Religion, and Adventure in Tolkien by Lobdell, Jared ISBN: 9780812695335 List Price: $22.95
Study Guide for World Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780534527631 List Price: $22.95
Essay on the Ancient Religions of the World Before the Great Anno Domini by Cust, Robert Needham ISBN: 9781162000121 List Price: $30.95
World's Parliament of Religions and the Religious Parliament Extension by Bonney, Charles Carroll, Ca... ISBN: 9781162023465 List Price: $31.95
Great Religions of the World by Giles, Herbert Allen ISBN: 9781149388112 List Price: $30.75
World's Best Poetry : The Higher Life; [Introductory Essay] Religion and Poetry, by W. Gladden by Carman, Bliss, Cheney, John... ISBN: 9781145192072 List Price: $40.75
Christianity, the World-Religion : Lectures Delivered in India by Barrows, John Henry ISBN: 9781148534657 List Price: $23.75
Religions of the World by Barton, George A. ISBN: 9781162950358 List Price: $29.56
Religious Systems of the World : A Contribution to the Study of Comparative Religion by Tiele, Cornelius P., Legge,... ISBN: 9781162924052 List Price: $44.76
World's Religion, As Contrasted with Genuine Christianity by Colquhoun, Lady ISBN: 9781162969428 List Price: $19.96
Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity Considered in Eight Lectures Foun... by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781162956787 List Price: $24.76
Christian World (Religions of the World S) by Alan Brown ISBN: 9780356075235
Muslim World (Religions of the World S) by Richard Tames ISBN: 9780356075204
Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World by H. H. Dalai Lama ISBN: 9781455861484 List Price: $39.97
Guide to World's Religions (Spectrum Books) by D.G. Bradley ISBN: 9780133707830
Christianity and World Religions (Theology for Today) by Kieran Flynn, Paul O'Grady,... ISBN: 9781905193240
Religion and World Order a Series of Addresses and Discussions by Johnson, F. Ernest ISBN: 9781245431620 List Price: $26.75
Religions of the World in Relation to Christianity by Grant, George Monro ISBN: 9781245431149 List Price: $21.75
Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity : Considered in eight lectures fo... by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781245471534 List Price: $27.75
Religions of the World by The Ramakrishna Mission. ISBN: 9781245516952 List Price: $42.75
Situation of the World at the Time of Christ's Appearance : And Its Connexion with the Succe... by Robertson, William, Hamilto... ISBN: 9781276906517 List Price: $15.75
Religion And Technology in the 21st Century Faith in the E-world by George, Susan Ella ISBN: 9781591407157 List Price: $74.95
Ulster Presbyterianians in The Atlantic World Religion, Politics And Identity by Wilson, John, Kelly, Willia... ISBN: 9781851829491 List Price: $55.00
World Religions: Beliefs behind Today's Headlines - John T. Catoir by Catoir, John T. ISBN: 9780940518049 List Price: $4.95
Religions of the World by McCasland, S. Vernon ISBN: 9780394303840 List Price: $17.95
Companion to Worlds Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780415353861
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