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For many people, the only thing they know about religion is Samuel L. Jackson's quote from Pulp Fiction. Religious studies classes are a part of many university course catalogs because they offer a chance to examine mankind's need to understand its place in this big universe of ours. Whether you are a devoted believer in one of our global society's many faiths, or an impartial observer who doesn't subscribe to a belief, religion can be a powerful educational tool in the observance of the human condition. Religion textbooks provide the insight into the world's various faiths that is necessary for such an observance. When you rent religion textbooks, you gain this knowledge without having to purchase the text books, which as any college student knows, can get pretty expensive. Textbook rental offers an affordable option to people who have no interest in holding on to their books after class ends. When you rent textbooks, you make a wise financial decision.

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Great religions of the world by Giles, Herbert Allen ISBN: 9780217314084 List Price: $9.20
Gods and men: A survey of world religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780216894440
Religions of the World, (NASTA edition) (11th Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780205810659 List Price: $88.63
Christianity the World-religion by Barrows, John Henry ISBN: 9780217457613 List Price: $17.99
Man and Religion (World Historical Programme) by Unknown ISBN: 9780245525520
Sikh World (Religions of the World S) by Unknown ISBN: 9780356075259
The Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781103553372 List Price: $24.99
The Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781103553341 List Price: $18.99
Lion Encyclopedia of World Religions by David Self ISBN: 9780745962450
World Religions by John Bowker ISBN: 9781405301954
Biological Religion : An Essay in Criticism of Professor Henry Drummond's natural Law in the... by Finlayson, Thomas Campbell,... ISBN: 9781245228312 List Price: $18.75
Religion and World Order a Series of Addresses and Discussions by Johnson, F. Ernest ISBN: 9781245431620 List Price: $26.75
Religions of the World in Relation to Christianity by Grant, George Monro ISBN: 9781245431149 List Price: $21.75
Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity : Considered in eight lectures fo... by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781245471534 List Price: $27.75
Religions of the World, Authentic Accounts of the Various Faiths and Creede by Griffin, Charles And Company ISBN: 9781130711073 List Price: $34.61
New World; a Quarterly Review of Religion, Ethics and Theology by Everett, Charles Carroll ISBN: 9781154128154 List Price: $44.73
Account of the State of the Roman-Catholick Religion Throughout the World by Cerri, Urbano ISBN: 9781231015155 List Price: $19.99
Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity by Maurice, Freder. Denison ISBN: 9781236106117 List Price: $19.99
Religions of the Ancient World by Rawlinson, George ISBN: 9781236356871 List Price: $19.99
Armchair Guide to World Religions : Christianity by James, Matthew ISBN: 9781241151799 List Price: $36.75
Amish in Americ : The History, Beliefs and Lifestyles of an Old World Religion by Sans, Christopher ISBN: 9781241135966 List Price: $20.75
Guide to Major Religions Around the World by Reese, Jenny ISBN: 9781241130473 List Price: $26.75
Guide to the World's Ten Largest Religions; Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, and More by McCarthy, William ISBN: 9781241795450 List Price: $27.75
It's Magic! Magical Aspects of the World's Most Popular Religions by Drake, Temple ISBN: 9781242068133 List Price: $22.75
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