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For many people, the only thing they know about religion is Samuel L. Jackson's quote from Pulp Fiction. Religious studies classes are a part of many university course catalogs because they offer a chance to examine mankind's need to understand its place in this big universe of ours. Whether you are a devoted believer in one of our global society's many faiths, or an impartial observer who doesn't subscribe to a belief, religion can be a powerful educational tool in the observance of the human condition. Religion textbooks provide the insight into the world's various faiths that is necessary for such an observance. When you rent religion textbooks, you gain this knowledge without having to purchase the text books, which as any college student knows, can get pretty expensive. Textbook rental offers an affordable option to people who have no interest in holding on to their books after class ends. When you rent textbooks, you make a wise financial decision.

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Philosophy of Religion (Teach Yourself World Faiths) by M.R. Thompson ISBN: 9780340688373
A Short History of Religion from the Creation of the World: With Questions for Examination by Fergusson, Thomas Tierney ISBN: 9781145417083 List Price: $18.75
The New World: A Quarterly Review of Religion, Ethics and Theology, Volume 1 by Cone, Orello, Everett, Char... ISBN: 9781146195256 List Price: $55.75
Discovery - Religions of the World (Spanish Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780721418438 List Price: $9.45
Religion and the Modern World; Lectures Delivered Before the Glasgow University Society of S... by Ninian, University Of Glasg... ISBN: 9781152797437 List Price: $17.50
Atlas of the World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780198662358
The Opportunity For Religion In The Present World Situation (1919) by Ward, Harry Frederick ISBN: 9781437163452 List Price: $16.95
The Final Faith: A Statement of the Nature and Authority of Christianity As the Religion of ... by MacKenzie, William Douglas ISBN: 9781143521805 List Price: $27.75
The World's Living Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780330238779
The New Lion Handbook: The World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780745951287 List Price: $37.42
Cme,World Religions W/Info 4e by Unknown ISBN: 9780534077365
Histry Worlds Religions& Sacred World CDROM by Unknown ISBN: 9780131083295 List Price: $98.00
Worship in the World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780859690409
Understanding World Religions in Early Years Practice (Child Care Topic Books) by Jennie Lindon ISBN: 9780340747865 List Price: $9,017.26
Religions of the World by Unknown ISBN: 9780389002840
World Religions: Christianity by Unknown ISBN: 9780749287238
World Religions Book 2 by Unknown ISBN: 9781904374909
Who's Who in World Religions: 50 Names You Need to Know (Who's Who in ?) by Unknown ISBN: 9781408104286 List Price: $19.44
Art and Architecture of the World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780313342899
Art and Architecture of the World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780313342912
Art and Architecture of the World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780313342875
The Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity, Considered in Eight Lectures... by Maurice, Frederick Denison ISBN: 9781154829440 List Price: $20.59
World Religion (Gale Non Series E-Books) by Unknown ISBN: 9780737746273 List Price: $0.04
Modern World Religions: Judaism Pupil Book Core by Unknown ISBN: 9780435336431 List Price: $13.42
The World's Religions by Unknown ISBN: 9780856481871
The Atlas of World Religions (One Shot) by Anita Ganeri ISBN: 9780749659202
Judaism At The World's Parliament Of Religions: Comprising The Papers On Judaism Read At The... by Union Of American Hebrew Co... ISBN: 9781437144222 List Price: $36.95
Buddhism (Religions of the World) by Unknown ISBN: 9780750233231 List Price: $9.01
The Jewish World (Religions of the World) by Douglas Charing ISBN: 9780750011938
World Religions in America: An Introduction by Neusner, Jacob ISBN: 9780614216905 List Price: $12.99
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