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For many people, the only thing they know about religion is Samuel L. Jackson's quote from Pulp Fiction. Religious studies classes are a part of many university course catalogs because they offer a chance to examine mankind's need to understand its place in this big universe of ours. Whether you are a devoted believer in one of our global society's many faiths, or an impartial observer who doesn't subscribe to a belief, religion can be a powerful educational tool in the observance of the human condition. Religion textbooks provide the insight into the world's various faiths that is necessary for such an observance. When you rent religion textbooks, you gain this knowledge without having to purchase the text books, which as any college student knows, can get pretty expensive. Textbook rental offers an affordable option to people who have no interest in holding on to their books after class ends. When you rent textbooks, you make a wise financial decision.

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Changing World of Christianity : The Global History of a Borderless Religion by Daughrity, Dyron B. ISBN: 9781433105234 List Price: $129.95
Final Faith [Microform] : A statement of the nature and authority of Christianity as the rel... by MacKenzie, W. Douglas 1859-... ISBN: 9781177778466 List Price: $27.75
Some of the Philosophical Essays on Socialism and Science, Religion, Ethics, Critique-of-Rea... by Dietzgen, Joseph, Beer, Max... ISBN: 9781176424890 List Price: $32.75
Religions of the World by Barton, George A. 1859-1942 ISBN: 9781176424135 List Price: $32.75
Religions of the World by Barton, George A. 1859-1942 ISBN: 9781176424357 List Price: $35.75
Light of the World : A brief comparative study of Christianity and non-Christian Religions by Speer, Robert E. 1867-1947 ISBN: 9781176475373 List Price: $34.75
Religious Systems of the World : A Contribution to the Study of Comparative Religion by South Place Institute, Lond... ISBN: 9781174602092 List Price: $56.75
World's Great Religions a Series of Lectures of the Gospel of the Seven Extant Great Religions by Martin, Alfred Wilhelm ISBN: 9781177089616 List Price: $19.75
World's Great Religions and the Religion of the Future by Martin, Alfred W. 1862-1933 ISBN: 9781177091237 List Price: $26.75
World's Eternal Religion by Mahamandal, Bharat Dharma ISBN: 9781177094283 List Price: $30.75
Immortality and the Unseen World; a Study in Old Testament Religion by Oesterley, W. O. E. 1866-1950 ISBN: 9781177214599 List Price: $26.75
Encountering Worldviews : A Guide to Evangelizing World Religions by McNabb, Tyler ISBN: 9781450720434 List Price: $11.99
Reflections on World Religions II : Judaism, Christianity, Islam by Curtis, Elyse ISBN: 9781891058004 List Price: $8.95
Saints, Sages, Heroes, and Worthies of the World's Religions - A Dictionary : A Comprehensiv... by Abate, Frank R., Goodwin, J... ISBN: 9781558883048 List Price: $65.00
World Religions : Reverencing Faith Traditions by Center for Learning Network... ISBN: 9781560770695 List Price: $9.95
World Religions : Reverencing Faith Traditions (Parish Edition) by Center for Learning Network... ISBN: 9781560771265 List Price: $12.95
World Religions : Curriculum Unit by Center for Learning Network... ISBN: 9781560776956 List Price: $9.95
World Religions Minicourse : Curriculum Unit by Center for Learning Network... ISBN: 9781560777243 List Price: $12.95
World Religions Made Easy by Water, Mark ISBN: 9781850783411
Burial Places of Founders of World Religions by Miller, Frederic P., Vandom... ISBN: 9786133832435 List Price: $41.00
Religions of the World Passport by Swindoll, Charles R. ISBN: 9781579727598 List Price: $7.99
Religions of the World : Bahai by Davis, Mitchell ISBN: 9781170700419 List Price: $19.75
Comparative View of Christianity : And of the Other Forms of Religion Which Have Existed, an... by Brown, William Laurence ISBN: 9781173384944 List Price: $32.75
Armchair Guide to World Religions : Zoroastrianism by James, Matthew ISBN: 9781241147549 List Price: $22.75
Armchair Guide to World Religions : Buddhism by James, Matthew ISBN: 9781241148607 List Price: $24.75
Brief Guide to the World's Religions by McCarthy, William ISBN: 9781241719913 List Price: $20.75
Dragon Flies : The Fascinating World of Odonata in Art, Culture and Religion by Davis, Juliet ISBN: 9781241716462 List Price: $23.75
History of Witchcraft in Folklore, Religion, and the World's History by Jeffrey, Sb ISBN: 9781241707491 List Price: $20.75
World Religions : Jainism and Sikhism by Wright, Ruby ISBN: 9781241706449 List Price: $21.75
World Religions : Hinduism by Wright, Ruby ISBN: 9781241706425 List Price: $21.75
World Religions : A Look at Christianity by Canter, Natalie, Holt, Natasha ISBN: 9781240062874 List Price: $23.75
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