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When you rent a Nursing textbook you're going to think you've somehow contracted just about every disease outlined within. Fortunately, these same textbooks rentals will teach you how to check (and lower!) your blood pressure when your midterms come up. Nurses master the inner workings of the human body--from the time a sperm delivers a pickup line to an egg to the intricacies of end-of-life care and everything in between. The unsung heroes and heroines of the medical industry (Florence Nightingale notwithstanding), nurses are often the first on the scene to manage a medical emergency. Drawing blood, dressing wounds, assisting in surgeries, and educating patients on everything from appendectomies to Zoloft, nurses have a wide range of skills and knowledge. And just wait until you find out how comfy it is to wear nursing scrubs! You'll feel like you're getting away with something when you roll into work wearing sea-foam-green pajamas.

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Pregnant Nurse New Found Family (Medical) by Unknown ISBN: 9780263199000
Medical Calculations for Nurses by Unknown ISBN: 9780571049158
Medical-surgical Nursing by Unknown ISBN: 9780210222867
Clinical Simulations in Medical-Surgical Nursing (Additional CD) by Medi Sim Staff ISBN: 9780683401325 List Price: $39.95
Pregnant Nurses Christmas Wish (Medical) by Unknown ISBN: 9780263199611
Single Dad Nurse Bride (Medical) by Unknown ISBN: 9780263199666
Practical Psychology and Psychiatry: For Use in Training-Schools for Attendants and Nurses a... by Burr, Colonel Bell, Burr, Bell ISBN: 9781146917667 List Price: $28.75
Standards of Medical Surgical Nursing Practice/Ms1 by Unknown ISBN: 9789990236392 List Price: $6.25
Safe Medication Administration Mosby's Nursing Skills Video by Unknown ISBN: 9780323013888 List Price: $250.00
Smarthinking Code for Timby's Introductory Medical Surgical Nursing by Unknown ISBN: 9780781789875 List Price: $55.01
Medical Surgical Nursing Volumes 1 & 2 Value Pack (includes Medical Surgical Nursing Clinica... by Koeplin, LeMone, Priscilla,... ISBN: 9780132420594 List Price: $178.13
Essentials of Medicine: A Text-Book of Medicine for Students Beginning a Medical Course, for... by Emerson, Charles Phillips ISBN: 9781146225632 List Price: $33.75
Medcards 1989-90: Medication Reference Guide for Nurses by Barbara B. Hodgson ISBN: 9780721629834
Medical-Surgical Nursing, 10/e Tas by Gail A. Harkness ISBN: 9780323002448
Nursing Care Plans for the Pediatric Patient by Children's Hospital and Med... ISBN: 9780685178980 List Price: $22.95
Clinical Staffing in Prepaid Group Practice HMOs : Issues for Medical and Nursing Directors by White, Elizabeth H., Broder... ISBN: 9780685178027 List Price: $10.00
Medical-Surgical : Nursing Other Nurses by Cobb ISBN: 9780318822716
Medical and Surgical Nursing by Holmes ISBN: 9780318823324
Espaol Expresivo I: Spanish for Nurses and Attending Medical Personnel by Ascención López ISBN: 9781935382782 List Price: $19.95
Nurse Managers Guide to Emergency Services Reimbursement 2008 by Medical Learning ISBN: 9781889115917 List Price: $197.00
Nurse Managers Guide to Emergency Services Reimbursement 2007 by Medical Learning ISBN: 9781889115641 List Price: $197.00
Difference in Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction When Treated by an Emergency Nurse P... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423561910 List Price: $25.95
Distribution of U. S. Military Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in Medical Treatment ... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423555902 List Price: $30.95
Medical Readiness in Humanitarian and Civic Assistance Missions : Significance of Cultural T... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423580201 List Price: $31.95
Nurse-Physician Perceptions of Collaborative Practice in Air Force Medical Treatment Facilities by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423580539 List Price: $30.95
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