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When you rent a Nursing textbook you're going to think you've somehow contracted just about every disease outlined within. Fortunately, these same textbooks rentals will teach you how to check (and lower!) your blood pressure when your midterms come up. Nurses master the inner workings of the human body--from the time a sperm delivers a pickup line to an egg to the intricacies of end-of-life care and everything in between. The unsung heroes and heroines of the medical industry (Florence Nightingale notwithstanding), nurses are often the first on the scene to manage a medical emergency. Drawing blood, dressing wounds, assisting in surgeries, and educating patients on everything from appendectomies to Zoloft, nurses have a wide range of skills and knowledge. And just wait until you find out how comfy it is to wear nursing scrubs! You'll feel like you're getting away with something when you roll into work wearing sea-foam-green pajamas.

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Sample Design of the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Nursing Home Component by U.S. Government ISBN: 9781234229764 List Price: $14.14
Reports on the Poor-Law Medical System in Ireland; the Case of the Irish Dispensary Doctors,... by Association, British Medical ISBN: 9781130819342 List Price: $19.99
How to Become the Best Medical Nurse (RN, LVN, MA, PA) by Gibbs, Jennifer ISBN: 9780972736985 List Price: $39.95
Medication and Mathematics for the Nurse + Nutrition and Diet Therapy by Jane Rice ISBN: 9781435432987 List Price: $225.95
Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis, Straight A's in Medical-Surgical Nursing, Textbook of Medical... by Williams and Wilkins Lippin... ISBN: 9781451109757 List Price: $208.99
Sample design of the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey nursing home component by U.S. Government ISBN: 9781234460006 List Price: $14.14
Design and methods of the 1996 medical expenditure panel survey nursing home component by U.S. Government ISBN: 9781234459833 List Price: $19.99
VA health care: many medical facilities have challenges in recruiting and retaining nurse an... by United States. Government ISBN: 9781234519315 List Price: $19.99
Nurse to Tame the Playboy (Medical Romance Hb) by Maggie Kingsley ISBN: 9780263215137
Boss and Nurse Albright (Medical Romance Lp) by Lynne Marshall ISBN: 9780263211108
Children's Doctor, Shy Nurse (Medical Romance) by Molly Evans ISBN: 9780263215007
Knight for Nurse Hart (Medical Romance Hb) by Laura Iding ISBN: 9780263215120
The Nurse's Little Miracle. Molly Evans (Medical Romance Large Print) by Molly Evans ISBN: 9780263199796 List Price: $29.75
A Christmas Knight. Kate Hardy. the Nurse Who Saved Christmas (Medical 2in1) by Kate Hardy ISBN: 9780263879339 List Price: $7.50
Principles of Medicine and Medical Nursing (Modern Nursing) by J.C. Houston, Marion G. Sto... ISBN: 9780340048474
Nurse, Nanny...Bride! (Medical Romance Lp) by Alison Roberts ISBN: 9780263211184
Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Nurse (Medical Romance) by Carol Marinelli ISBN: 9780263188417
Medication Guide for the Long-Term Care Nurse by Thomas R., Ed. Clark ISBN: 9780934322591 List Price: $29.34
Bio-medical Physics for Nurses by Unknown ISBN: 9788180619908
Medical Biochemistry for Nurses by K. R. Reddy ISBN: 9788184484335 List Price: $14.00
Medical-Surgical Nursing Review Questions by Dottie Roberts ISBN: 9780017366030 List Price: $57.35
Practical Psychology and Psychiatry : For use in training-schools for attendants and nurses ... by Burr, C. B. 1856-1931 ISBN: 9781245053730 List Price: $28.75
Simulation Learning System for Black and Hawks: Medical-Surgical Nursing (User Guide and Acc... by Joyce M. Black PhD RN CPS... ISBN: 9781416060338 List Price: $99.95
Reports on the Poor-Law Medical System in Ireland : The Case of the Irish Dispensary Doctors... by Association, British Medical ISBN: 9781286331033 List Price: $17.75
Cardiac Medications and Nursing: Complete Series (DVD) by Classroom ISBN: 9781602320352 List Price: $991.95
Nurse Managers Guide to Emergency Services Reimbursement 2008 by Medical Learning ISBN: 9781889115917 List Price: $197.00
Nurse Managers Guide to Emergency Services Reimbursement 2007 by Medical Learning ISBN: 9781889115641 List Price: $197.00
Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing I by Unknown ISBN: 9781586661724
Nursing 208 Medical Surgery Lecture Notes by Unknown ISBN: 9781586660703
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