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Going to medical school is a lot like going to superhero school. Once you graduate, you'll literally spend your days protecting (and saving!) thousands of people as you wage an ongoing battle against the villainous forces of entropy: illness, injury, and fear. You'll brandish a stethoscope rather than a light saber and wear a white lab coat rather than a colorful cape, but you'll be saving lives just the same. Between now and then, you've got a lot to learn from your Medical Science textbook rental: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Epidemiology, Pharmacology--so many –ologies that your brainy little head may come down with a case of vertigo. All your studying will pay off, though, the minute you tell your first patient they're going to be fine, and mean it, professionally. So rent a Medical textbook, start working on your fabulously illegible signature, and see how your name looks with a "Dr." in front...because the world is short on superheroes.

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Medical Service Specialty Gastroenterology by Unknown ISBN: 9781249196006 List Price: $14.75
Medical Readiness Program Management by Unknown ISBN: 9781249201731 List Price: $21.75
Patient Centered Medical Home and Family Health Operations by Unknown ISBN: 9781249201823 List Price: $15.75
Management of Medical Information Services by Unknown ISBN: 9781249201755 List Price: $15.75
Medical Resource Operations by Unknown ISBN: 9781249201748 List Price: $14.75
Medical Facilities by Unknown ISBN: 9781249203490 List Price: $15.75
Expeditionary Medical Logistics (EML) System by Unknown ISBN: 9781249203797 List Price: $15.75
USAF Medical Support for Special Operations Forces by Unknown ISBN: 9781249203742 List Price: $17.75
Aerospace Medical Contingency Ground Support System by Unknown ISBN: 9781249203766 List Price: $15.75
State and Local Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Medical Surge by Daniel R Levin ISBN: 9781249212218 List Price: $15.75
Understanding Medical Benefits: The Explanation of Medicare Part B Benefits by June Gibbs Brown ISBN: 9781249212836 List Price: $15.75
Enteral Nutrition Therapy: Medical Necessity by June Gibbs Brown ISBN: 9781249212928 List Price: $15.75
Madruga And Marvel'S Medical Black Book: Guide To Differential Diagnosis, Mnemonics, And Cli... by MD FACP, Mario Madruga, MS4... ISBN: 9781257818518 List Price: $19.99
Experimental Poverty Measures Under Alternative Treatments of Medical Out-of-Pocket Expendit... by Kathleen Short, Thesia I. G... ISBN: 9781249324423 List Price: $15.75
Medication Administration in the School Setting: Guidelines by Unknown ISBN: 9781249261223 List Price: $15.75
Kingston Medical Quarterly Volume v.1 n. 01 by Unknown ISBN: 9781290465892 List Price: $18.95
Kingston Medical Quarterly Volume v.1 n. 02 by Unknown ISBN: 9781290465908 List Price: $18.95
Kingston Medical Quarterly Volume v.1 n. 03 by Unknown ISBN: 9781290465915 List Price: $18.95
Kingston Medical Quarterly by Unknown ISBN: 9781290465922 List Price: $18.95
Pediatrics, the Hygienic and Medical Treatment of Children by Unknown ISBN: 9781290485067 List Price: $34.95
Clinical Gynaecology, Medical and Surgical Volume 1 by Unknown ISBN: 9781290545150 List Price: $38.95
Notes on the Medical Treatment of Disease by Unknown ISBN: 9781290536080 List Price: $30.95
Cincinnati Medical News Volume 1 by Unknown ISBN: 9781290540100 List Price: $34.95
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