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Going to medical school is a lot like going to superhero school. Once you graduate, you'll literally spend your days protecting (and saving!) thousands of people as you wage an ongoing battle against the villainous forces of entropy: illness, injury, and fear. You'll brandish a stethoscope rather than a light saber and wear a white lab coat rather than a colorful cape, but you'll be saving lives just the same. Between now and then, you've got a lot to learn from your Medical Science textbook rental: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Epidemiology, Pharmacology--so many –ologies that your brainy little head may come down with a case of vertigo. All your studying will pay off, though, the minute you tell your first patient they're going to be fine, and mean it, professionally. So rent a Medical textbook, start working on your fabulously illegible signature, and see how your name looks with a "Dr." in front...because the world is short on superheroes.

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Medical Sign by Miller, Frederic P., Vandom... ISBN: 9786131799501 List Price: $58.00
Hadassah Medical Center by Surhone, Lambert M., Tennoe... ISBN: 9786131945854 List Price: $50.00
Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences by Surhone, Lambert M., Tennoe... ISBN: 9786131961021 List Price: $37.00
Xinjiang Medical University by Surhone, Lambert M., Timple... ISBN: 9786132183385 List Price: $45.00
Society for Medical Anthropology by Surhone, Lambert M., Tennoe... ISBN: 9786132235381 List Price: $48.00
Xinxiang Medical University by Surhone, Lambert M., Timple... ISBN: 9786132194497 List Price: $45.00
Medical Microbiology - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card), 6e by Patrick R. Murray PhD, Ken ... ISBN: 9780323137386 List Price: $87.95
Medical Interview - Pageburst e-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card) : The Three-Functio... by Cole, Steven A., Bird, Julian ISBN: 9780323137492 List Price: $41.36
Primary Medical Care in Chile : Accessibility under Military Rule by Scarpaci, Joseph L. ISBN: 9780608220451 List Price: $64.50
Medical Law and Ethics Course Notes by Carr, Claudia ISBN: 9780415820073
How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit : The Physician's Roadmap for Success by Brenner, Ilene R. ISBN: 9781119967323 List Price: $44.50
Medical Imaging of Normal and Pathologic Anatomy - Pageburst e-Book on VitalSource (Retail A... by Vilensky, Joel A., Weber, E... ISBN: 9781455755608 List Price: $36.86
Medicare : Issues for Manufacturer-Level Bidding for Durable Medical Equipment by King, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9781437988499 List Price: $20.00
Principles of Medical Biochemistry - Pageburst e-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card) by Meisenberg, Gerhard, Simmon... ISBN: 9781455755516 List Price: $63.86
Medical Physiology, Updated Edition - Pageburst e-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card) by Boron, Walter F., Boulpaep,... ISBN: 9781455754045 List Price: $109.80
Diagnosis to Diploma : How to Turn Your Medical Issue into Free Money for College by White, Jason ISBN: 9781478298618 List Price: $10.00
A Guide to Medical Aesthetics & Your Earning Potential (Volume 1) by Lillian C Dominguez, Lillia... ISBN: 9781479243617 List Price: $21.00
Field Manual FM 4-02. 2 Medical Evacuation Including Change 1, Issued July 30 2009 by US Army, United States Gove... ISBN: 9781479239351 List Price: $12.99
Curiosities of Medical Experience - the Original Classic Edition by J. G. (John Gideon) Millingen ISBN: 9781743476321 List Price: $9.94
Irish Medical Directory by Group, Books ISBN: 9781770451674 List Price: $25.23
Medical Records Retention Guide by Tomes, Jonathan P., Spak, M... ISBN: 9781880483329 List Price: $99.95
Accreditation Report : The Education and Training Programs of the College of Intensive Care ... by The Australian Medical Council ISBN: 9781875440900 List Price: $30.00
Medical Records Confidant (MRC) : Tubmech-MRC - Power to the Patient. . ! by Drummond, Rudolph, Drummond... ISBN: 9781930384101
Medical Records Confidant : Tubmech-MRC Power to the Patient. . ! by Drummond, Rudolph, Drummond... ISBN: 9781930384118
America's Top Doctor's for Cancer by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd... ISBN: 9781883769406
Perioperative Considerations for Coexisting Medical Conditions by Clarke-Pearson, Daniel, Sha... ISBN: 9781934946923
Medical Home Assignment Approaches : Evaluating Models for Patient Enrollment and Tracking by Donovan, Patricia, Greene, ... ISBN: 9781934647974 List Price: $127.00
Healthwise for Life : A Medical Self-Care for You by Mettler, Molly, Kemper, Don... ISBN: 9781932921717
Medical Home Case Manager : Profiting from Patient-Centered Care Coordination by Donovan, Patricia, Papay, J... ISBN: 9781936186174 List Price: $127.00
2010 Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence by Matthews, Melanie, Donovan,... ISBN: 9781936186204 List Price: $127.00
MORE Medical Home Reimbursement Models : ROI from Risk Adjustment, Shared Savings and Multi-... by Papay, Jessica, Donovan, Pa... ISBN: 9781936186242 List Price: $167.00
Medical Home Reimbursement ABCs : Funding Care Delivery through ACOs, Bundled Payments and C... by Donovan, Patricia, Samitt, ... ISBN: 9781936186914 List Price: $189.00
Sportsmen's Effort During Rowing : Technical and Medical Particulars by Toma-Urichianu, Sanda, Timn... ISBN: 9781935494034
What's Wrong with My Cat or Kitten? : A Home Medical Reference Manual by Rossi, John ISBN: 9781938178115 List Price: $12.99
Skydiving into Medical School and Other Adventures : From the Slums of New York to the Himal... by Sachs, Howard, Svane, Christie ISBN: 9781937146016 List Price: $14.00
Bacteriology and Mycology : Identification, Management, and Medical Importance by Army, U. S., Allport-Settle... ISBN: 9781937258078 List Price: $36.99
National Certified Medical Office Assistant : NCCT Official Review Book by National Center for Compete... ISBN: 9781938354052 List Price: $24.95
RUA Medical Assistant? by National Center for Compete... ISBN: 9781938354113 List Price: $7.95
RUA Medical Terminology Pro? by National Center for Compete... ISBN: 9781938354137 List Price: $7.95
Medical Abbreviation Crossword Puzzles by Gangluff, Phillip ISBN: 9781939002006 List Price: $12.95
Oeuvres : Tome II : Exhortation a l'etude de la medecine. Art Medical by Boudon-Millot, Veronique, G... ISBN: 9782251004839
Manual of Adult and Paediatric Medical Oncology by Monfardini, S., Brunner, K.... ISBN: 9783540153474 List Price: $99.00
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