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Going to medical school is a lot like going to superhero school. Once you graduate, you'll literally spend your days protecting (and saving!) thousands of people as you wage an ongoing battle against the villainous forces of entropy: illness, injury, and fear. You'll brandish a stethoscope rather than a light saber and wear a white lab coat rather than a colorful cape, but you'll be saving lives just the same. Between now and then, you've got a lot to learn from your Medical Science textbook rental: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Epidemiology, Pharmacology--so many –ologies that your brainy little head may come down with a case of vertigo. All your studying will pay off, though, the minute you tell your first patient they're going to be fine, and mean it, professionally. So rent a Medical textbook, start working on your fabulously illegible signature, and see how your name looks with a "Dr." in front...because the world is short on superheroes.

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Administrative Medical Assisting : Professional Practice by Rowell ISBN: 9780827333970 List Price: $27.95
Bundle: Spanish for Medical Personnel Enhanced Edition: The Basic Spanish Series, 2nd + iLrn... by Jarvis, Ana, Lebredo, Raque... ISBN: 9781285267340 List Price: $170.95
Hospitals and Medical Centers USA by Jones, Keith ISBN: 9780780814394 List Price: $195.00
ETHICAL CHALLENGES of EMERGING MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES by Caplan, Arthur L., Parent, ... ISBN: 9781472429155
Workbook for Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Coding by Papazian-Boyce, Lorraine M.... ISBN: 9780133800210 List Price: $44.64
Rationalizing Medical Work - Decision Support Techniques and Medical Practices by Berg, Marc ISBN: 9780262527033 List Price: $23.50
Medical Textile Materials by Qin, Yimin ISBN: 9780081006184
Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids, Fourth Edition by Wilens, Timothy E., Hammern... ISBN: 9781462525874 List Price: $53.00
One Little Pill, One Big Responsibility : Medication Administration for Unlicensed Personnel by Stilwell, Lynn, Stilwell, L... ISBN: 9780996681506 List Price: $39.99
Foundational Skills for Chief Medical Officers by Association of American Med... ISBN: 9781577541158
Something's Gotta Give: The Art of Balancing Medical Career, Teenagers, and Relationships wi... by Sylwestrowicz, Anna, Grant,... ISBN: 9781517136031 List Price: $16.00
Building Your Own Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business by Possi, Amel, Armel Possi ISBN: 9781491767115 List Price: $49.99
Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids, Fourth Edition by Wilens, Timothy E., Hammern... ISBN: 9781462519859 List Price: $17.95
Optimizing Medicine Residency Training Programs (Advances in Medical Education, Research, an... by Poduval, Jayita, Jayita Pod... ISBN: 9781466695276 List Price: $220.00
Medical Protozoology by ka-oud, hussein ISBN: 9781517163228 List Price: $60.00
Law and Medical Men by Rogers, R. Vashon ISBN: 9781604494037 List Price: $43.00
Readings in Global Health : Essential Reviews from the New England Journal of Medicine by Hunter, David J., Fineberg,... ISBN: 9780190271220 List Price: $49.95
Power of One : Participant Workbook (Medical Practice) by Baird, Kristin ISBN: 9780986074738
Medical Membrane Devices : Markets and Technologies by BCC Research ISBN: 9781622961405 List Price: $6,650.00
Guidelines to Certify Translators and Interpreters at Schools: Lexicon Book 1 - Medical by Leyva, Jos�, José Luis Leyva ISBN: 9781517361662 List Price: $17.70
Biosynthetic Polymers for Medical Applications by Poole-Warren, Laura, Marten... ISBN: 9781782421054
Medical and Educational Perspectives on Nonverbal Learning Disability in Children and Young ... by Rissman, Barbara, Barbara R... ISBN: 9781466695399 List Price: $200.00
Condensed Psychopharmacology 2016: A Pocket Reference for Psychiatry and Psychotropic Medica... by Rappa, Leonard, McKee, Bria... ISBN: 9780982535080 List Price: $24.95
Success or Failure? Strategic Tools for Medical Group Leaders by Weiss, Mark ISBN: 9781515388388 List Price: $7.94
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