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You may not see the point in calculating Pi to its billionth decimal position nor determining the theoretical speed at which your hypothetical hula hoop will fall if you throw it off a nonexistent building. However, Math can be used for more personally satisfying purposes like on-the-spot calculations in a vacation destination to measure temperature on the Celsius scale, and mentally converting your currency throughout your trip. Sure, there's an omniscient i-device in your pocket, but if something happens, you'll need to fall back on the education you got from your Math textbook rental. You'll soon see that Math is more than memorizing multiplication tables--it's one of the most basic and important skill sets to have on tap. No matter which way you add it up, this subject is integral to your success. Follow in the footsteps of Math heroes everywhere, from Archimedes to Newton, rent a Math textbook, and learn how to win the numbers game.

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BioMath in the Schools (Dimacs Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science) by Cozzens, Margaret B., Rober... ISBN: 9780821842959 List Price: $52.00
Discrete Mathematics, 5/e (Low Cost Edition) by Albert D. Otto, Lawrence E.... ISBN: 9788131766262
Proofs/Definitions/Axioms: An alternative to Discrete Mathematics by G. Viglino ISBN: 9781493514342 List Price: $20.00
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction, 5th by Ralph P. Grimaldi, B. V. Ra... ISBN: 9788177584240
Discrete Mathematics by Johnsonbaugh ISBN: 9788131712870
Mathematical Methods in Robust Control of Discrete-Time Linear Stochastic Systems by Vasile Dragan, Toader Moroz... ISBN: 9781489984470 List Price: $139.00
Student Solutions Guide for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen ISBN: 9780394380506 List Price: $434.71
Discrete Mathematics by R. D. Baker, G. L. Ebert ISBN: 9780787264888 List Price: $69.95
Discrete Mathematics for New Technology by Garnier, R., Taylor, John ISBN: 9780750301367 List Price: $199.00
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science by Haggard, Gary, Schlipf, Joh... ISBN: 9780201793017 List Price: $94.00
Discrete Mathematics of Neural Networks Selected Topics by Anthony, Martin ISBN: 9780898714807 List Price: $60.00
Discrete Mathematics in the Schools by Rosenstein, Joseph G., Fran... ISBN: 9780821811375 List Price: $36.00
INTRO TO DISCRETE MATHEMATICS by McEliece, Robert J. ISBN: 9780075570158 List Price: $61.74
Advances in Laryngology in Europe (Annals of Discrete Mathematics) by European Laryngological Soc... ISBN: 9780444825438 List Price: $223.50
Advances in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science/Generalized Complete Mappings by Hsu, D. Frank, Hsu, D. Frank ISBN: 9780911767384 List Price: $60.00
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics With Complete Software by Ossipova, Victoria ISBN: 9781885978011 List Price: $10.01
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics With Complete Software by Ossipova, Victoria ISBN: 9781885978004
Report of Committee on Discrete Mathematics in the First 2 Years by Unknown ISBN: 9780883854426 List Price: $4.50
Probabilistic Problems of Discrete Mathematics Collection of Papers by Kolchin, V.F. ISBN: 9780821831236 List Price: $119.00
Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics by Agarwal, A. K. ISBN: 9780817667207 List Price: $99.00
Selected problems in discrete mathematics by Unknown ISBN: 9785030005225
A Collection of Contributions in Honour of Jack Van Lint (Topics in Discrete Mathematics) by Cameron, P. J., Van Tilborg... ISBN: 9780444898081 List Price: $278.75
Algorithmic aspects of combinatorics (Annals of discrete mathematics 2) by Alspach, B., Hell, P., Mill... ISBN: 9780444851451 List Price: $46.50
Graph Theory and Applications (Annals of Discrete Mathematics) by Akiyama, J., Egawa, Y., Eno... ISBN: 9780444705389 List Price: $131.75
Annotated Bibliographies in Combinatorial Optimization (Wiley Interscience Series in Discret... by Dell'Amico, Mauro, Maffioli... ISBN: 9780471965749 List Price: $155.00
Discrete Mathematics in Statistical Physics by Loebl, Martin ISBN: 9783528032197 List Price: $52.25
Econometric Analysis of Discrete Choice: With Applications on Demand for Housing in the U.S.... by Börsch-Supan, Axel ISBN: 9780387185347 List Price: $49.95
Counting (Wiley Series in Discrete Mathematics & Optimization) by Vitanyi ISBN: 9780471956785 List Price: $40.00
Instructors Solutions Manual to Discrete Mathematics 3e by Dossey ISBN: 9780673977953 List Price: $25.20
Navigating through Discrete Mathematics in Prekindergarten-Grade 5 by DeBellis, Valerie A. ISBN: 9780873536066 List Price: $48.95
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics by Mceliece ISBN: 9780075570486 List Price: $26.87
Precalculus & Discrete Mathematics by Unknown ISBN: 9780673333674
Proceedings Of The Fifteenth Annual Acm-siam Symposium On Discrete Algorithsm by ACM Special Interest Group ... ISBN: 9780898715583 List Price: $125.00
Discrete Mathematics by Ebert, Baker ISBN: 9780787239558 List Price: $57.95
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics by Choo, Taylor, Roger ISBN: 9780582800557
Discrete Mathematics W/applications by Barnier, William J. ISBN: 9780314459664 List Price: $52.50
Discrete Mathematics for Computing - John E. Munro - Library Binding - 1st ed by Munro, J. ISBN: 9780412456503 List Price: $36.95
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