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When it comes down to it, management is all about getting people together to achieve a goal using the resources available. Whether you're building a campfire, filming a movie, throwing a party, or running a company, the end result depends on how well the task was managed. And no one wants to throw a lame party, now do they? Certainly not. Enter your new Management textbook rental. Now choose your style: autocratic, democratic, paternalistic or the more laid-back Laissez-faire. Then make some important decisions and start climbing that corporate ladder. Before you know it, you'll be answering to the two Bobs as you wrestle with your TPS reports. So rent a Management textbook and learn how to look busy while your boss other people around from the corner office--with a view.

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Qsom Quantitative Systems for Operations Management by Unknown ISBN: 9780137448487 List Price: $22.75
Mathematical Tools in Production Management (Competitive Methods in Operations Research and ... by Jean-Marie Proth, Herve P. ... ISBN: 9780306433580 List Price: $205.00
Meat Management and Operations by Unknown ISBN: 9780867303063 List Price: $25.95
AFRRI's Medical Management of Radiological Casualties Handbook by Military Medical Operations... ISBN: 9781588081704 List Price: $11.79
Application of Genetic Programming to Finance and Operations Management by Kleinau, Peer ISBN: 9783832504588 List Price: $60.75
Financial Management Support in Joint Operations : Joint Publication 1-06 by Staff, Joint Chiefs of ISBN: 9781466417243 List Price: $35.95
2012 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781467302678 List Price: $338.00
Perception Management and Coalition Information Operations by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423526643 List Price: $31.95
Interagency Management of Complex Contingency Operations : The Impact of Presidential Decisi... by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423525943 List Price: $34.95
Estimating C-17 Operating and Support Costs : Development of a System Dynamics Model by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423529514 List Price: $35.95
Organizational Design of Most Efficient Organization Air Force Civil Engineer Operations Fli... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423529897 List Price: $43.95
METOC and Naval Afloat Operations : Risk Management, Safety, and Readiness by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423505907 List Price: $27.95
Air Force Operational Risk Management Program and Aviation Safety by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423502296 List Price: $38.95
Analysis and Forecasting of Air Force Operating and Support Cost for Rotary Aircraft by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423516644 List Price: $31.95
Defining Base Operating Support and Airfield Operating Support by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423522140 List Price: $31.95
Decision Analysis with Value-Focused Thinking as a Methodology in Structuring the Civil Engi... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423511823 List Price: $44.95
Analysis and Forecasting of U. S. Navy Operating and Support (O&S) Costs for Rotary Aircraft by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423516002 List Price: $40.95
Analysis and Forecasting of Army Operating and Support Cost for Rotary Aircraft by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423516385 List Price: $33.95
Operational Risk Management and Military Aviation Safety by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423542520 List Price: $36.95
Descriptive Study of Information Operations and Information Warfare Awareness in the United ... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423557661 List Price: $30.95
Air Refueling Operations in the North Pacific : Is There a More EfficientMethod? by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423557968 List Price: $39.95
Comparative Study of KC-135 Operations in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Allied Force by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423587187 List Price: $28.95
Transforming Past Lessons to Mold the Future : A Case Study on Operation NICKEL GRASS by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423587057 List Price: $25.95
Alternatives to Current Structure for Air Mobility Operations Squadrons by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423587316 List Price: $25.95
Chain Stores; Their Management and Operation by Hayward, Walter Sumner, Whi... ISBN: 9781178364910 List Price: $35.75
Forest Operations and Watershed Management by Unknown ISBN: 9781592473335
Beneficial Operation of Banks for Savings; Affirmed in an Address to the Trustees, Managers ... by Morgan, Hector Davies ISBN: 9781154440270 List Price: $14.14
Operations Management, Student Value Edition and MyOMLab Student Access Code Card Package (9... by Jay Heizer, Barry Render ISBN: 9780135109571 List Price: $150.67
Operations & Supply Management by Jacobs ISBN: 9780077129057
Improving NIH management and operation: a legislative hearing on the NIH Reform Act of 2006:... by United States. Congress. Ho... ISBN: 9781234637477 List Price: $14.14
Technology Transfer from Corporate Research to Operations : Effects of perceptions on techno... by Nochur, Kumar Subramaniam, ... ISBN: 9781245163545 List Price: $15.75
Production and Operations Management by P. Rama Murthy ISBN: 9788122415582
Production and Operation Management by Chase ISBN: 9780256165463
Operations Management: Instructor's Resource Manual by Lee J. Krajewski ISBN: 9780130615954
Air Management Problems and Related Technical Studies by Organization for Economic C... ISBN: 9780119205336
Principles of Operations Management by Unknown ISBN: 9780273755968
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