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When it comes down to it, management is all about getting people together to achieve a goal using the resources available. Whether you're building a campfire, filming a movie, throwing a party, or running a company, the end result depends on how well the task was managed. And no one wants to throw a lame party, now do they? Certainly not. Enter your new Management textbook rental. Now choose your style: autocratic, democratic, paternalistic or the more laid-back Laissez-faire. Then make some important decisions and start climbing that corporate ladder. Before you know it, you'll be answering to the two Bobs as you wrestle with your TPS reports. So rent a Management textbook and learn how to look busy while your boss other people around from the corner office--with a view.

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Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) by Lenworth M. Jacobs ISBN: 9780000248022 List Price: $200.00
Test Item File (Operations Management 8th Edition) by Geoff Willis ISBN: 9780131872998
International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations by Pierre David & Richard Stewart ISBN: 9787302157175
Principles of Operations Management by Stevenson ISBN: 9780077772482
Operations Management by WEI LIAN J. SHI DI WEN SEN ... ISBN: 9787111368953
Operations Management by Gaither ISBN: 9788131500484
Operations Management by S. Anil Kumar, N. Suresh ISBN: 9788122425871
Operations Management by Donald Waters ISBN: 9788175545236 List Price: $29.75
Irrigation Management: The Operation, Maintenance and Betterment of Works for Bringing Water... by Frederick Haynes Newell ISBN: 9781289777968 List Price: $32.75
Performance Excellence 102 : How to design and operate a performance management framework by Clayton, Ian, Gonzalez, Ken... ISBN: 9781937961046 List Price: $65.00
Optimal Stochastic Scheduling (International Series in Operations Research & Management Scie... by Xiaoqiang Cai, Xianyi Wu, X... ISBN: 9781489974044 List Price: $179.00
The Beneficial Operation of Banks for Savings: Affirmed in an Address to the Trustees, Manag... by Hector Davies Morgan, Lewis... ISBN: 9781289505752 List Price: $18.75
Refrigeration; A Practical Treatise on the Scientific Principles, Mechanical Operation, and ... by Dickerman Charles, Boyer Fr... ISBN: 9781289676988 List Price: $20.75
Motion Picture Handbook; A Guide for Managers and Operators of Motion Picture Theatres by F. H. B. 1867 Richardson ISBN: 9781287598428 List Price: $24.75
Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph; A Technical Handbook for Electricians, Managers, ... by Frank L. 1840-1895 Pope ISBN: 9781287860365 List Price: $27.75
National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Response System Rescue Field Operations Guide by U.S. Department of Homeland... ISBN: 9781492812838 List Price: $17.99
Human Resources Management In Co-operative Banks In India by Rajasekhar Mamilla ISBN: 9783659388217 List Price: $110.00
The Chief Operating Officer: Managing A Law Firm in Challenging Times by Arthur Gurwitz ISBN: 9780314606228 List Price: $49.00
Managing Health Informatics and Services Operations by Harris, Susie, McConnell, C... ISBN: 9781284043747 List Price: $251.85
Facility Services: Die operative Ebene des Facility Managements (German Edition) by Jens Nävy, Matthias Schröter ISBN: 9783642395437 List Price: $89.99
Corporate Governance Risk Management and Corporate Governance by Oecd Organisation For Econo... ISBN: 9789264208629 List Price: $38.00
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