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When it comes down to it, management is all about getting people together to achieve a goal using the resources available. Whether you're building a campfire, filming a movie, throwing a party, or running a company, the end result depends on how well the task was managed. And no one wants to throw a lame party, now do they? Certainly not. Enter your new Management textbook rental. Now choose your style: autocratic, democratic, paternalistic or the more laid-back Laissez-faire. Then make some important decisions and start climbing that corporate ladder. Before you know it, you'll be answering to the two Bobs as you wrestle with your TPS reports. So rent a Management textbook and learn how to look busy while your boss other people around from the corner office--with a view.

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Mrom: Micro Routines for Operations Management - John G. Carlson - Hardcover by Carlson, John G., Yao, Andr... ISBN: 9780536586216 List Price: $83.00
Production and Operations Management: Strategy and Tactics by Heizer, Jay, Render, Barry ISBN: 9780205127177 List Price: $55.00
Advising Managing and Operating by McCluskey ISBN: 9780536014733 List Price: $49.00
Operant Conditioning and the Management of Stuttering: A Book for Clinicians by Shame, George H., Egolf, Do... ISBN: 9780136373223 List Price: $19.95
Management Science-Operations Research Model: Formulation and Solution Methods - Elwood S. B... by Buffa, Elwood S., Dyer, Jam... ISBN: 9780471058519 List Price: $39.95
Operations Management: Customer Focused Principles - Edward M. Knod - Hardcover by Knod, Edward M., Schonberge... ISBN: 9780256215335
Studies in Operations Management - A. Hax - Hardcover by Hax, A. ISBN: 9780444851611 List Price: $81.50
Port Management and Operations - Patrick M. Alderton - Hardcover by Alderton, Patrick M. ISBN: 9781843114222
Elements of Port Operation and Management - Alan E. Branch - Hardcover by Branch, Alan E. ISBN: 9780412252501 List Price: $45.00
Practical Operations and Management of a Bank - Marshall C. Corns - Hardcover by Corns, Marshall C. ISBN: 9780872670051 List Price: $39.00
Wiley Plus/blackboard Stand-alone to Accompany Operations Management Quality And Competitive... by Russell, Roberta (Robin), T... ISBN: 9780470077450 List Price: $62.95
Wiley Plus Stand-alone to accompany Operations Management by Reid, R. Dan, Sanders, Nada R. ISBN: 9780470076217 List Price: $64.95
Wiley Plus Stand-alone to Accompany Operations Management Quality And Competitivenessin a Gl... by Russell, Roberta (Robin), T... ISBN: 9780470076224 List Price: $62.95
Wiley Plus/web Ct Stand-alone to Accompany Operations Management Quality And Competitiveness... by Russell, Roberta (Robin), T... ISBN: 9780470079515 List Price: $62.95
Hov Facilities and Transportation System Management, 1991 Highway Operations, Capacity, and ... by National Research Council (... ISBN: 9780309051064 List Price: $17.00
IBM As/400 V3R1: Managing As/400 Networks With Operations Control Center/400 by IBM Redbooks ISBN: 9780738408965 List Price: $60.00
Managing Your Money Understanding Math Operations Involving Decimals and Integers by Linde, Barbara M. ISBN: 9781404260917 List Price: $10.00
Managing Operations Manufacturing, Service And E-commerce by Nag, Barin ISBN: 9780324190298 List Price: $94.95
Managing Os/400 With Operations Navigator V5R1 Networking by Unknown ISBN: 9780738497914 List Price: $34.00
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Unleashed With a Preview of Operations Manager 2007 by Meyler, Kerrie, Fuller, Cam... ISBN: 9780321437303 List Price: $59.99
Operations Management by Unknown ISBN: 9780471730231 List Price: $134.90
Operations Management the Puzzle Game by Ostapski, S. Andrew, Walker... ISBN: 9780757532740 List Price: $29.05
Operations Management Supply Chain Management by Unknown ISBN: 9781888460483 List Price: $39.00
Operational Resiliance The Art of Risk Management by Brookbanks, Mike, Gandy, To... ISBN: 9780852976913 List Price: $42.50
Cases in Production and Operations Management by Meier, Robert C., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780131189508 List Price: $35.00
Computerized Work Management Systems for Utility and Plant Operations by Roopchan Lutchman ISBN: 9781932078305 List Price: $54.50
Working through Embarrassing Revelations: How to Manage the Operational Changes Required and... by Lukaszewski, James E. ISBN: 9781883291211 List Price: $20.00
Operations Management by Patterson, Michael ISBN: 9780930204143 List Price: $5.00
Supply Chain Operation Management >Custom< by Unknown ISBN: 9780536172648
Managing and Operating A Closely Held Corporation by Michael R. Diamond ISBN: 9780471521075 List Price: $225.00
Managing Operations by Grainger, Peter ISBN: 9780749412517 List Price: $12.95
Urban Water Infrastructure: Planning, Management, and Operations by Grigg, Neil S. ISBN: 9780471829140 List Price: $52.50
Homework Manager Plus Card to Accompany Operations Now by Unknown ISBN: 9780073321509 List Price: $36.60
Management of Service Operations by Wright, J. Nevan ISBN: 9780826459695 List Price: $44.99
Greenhouse Operation and Management by Unknown ISBN: 9780835925761
Dairy Co-Operative Management and Practice by Benni, Basavaraj S. ISBN: 9788170338536
Business Plans to Manage Day to Day Operations by Malburg, Christopher R. ISBN: 9780471572961 List Price: $95.00
Operations Management - With Study Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780324162394
Operations Management - With 3 CDS and Webtutor by Unknown ISBN: 9780324817317
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