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When it comes down to it, management is all about getting people together to achieve a goal using the resources available. Whether you're building a campfire, filming a movie, throwing a party, or running a company, the end result depends on how well the task was managed. And no one wants to throw a lame party, now do they? Certainly not. Enter your new Management textbook rental. Now choose your style: autocratic, democratic, paternalistic or the more laid-back Laissez-faire. Then make some important decisions and start climbing that corporate ladder. Before you know it, you'll be answering to the two Bobs as you wrestle with your TPS reports. So rent a Management textbook and learn how to look busy while your boss other people around from the corner office--with a view.

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Science of Threshing; Treating the Operation, Management and Care of Threshing Machinery by F, G[eorge], Conner, G[eorge] ISBN: 9781172201754 List Price: $23.75
Electrical MacHinery; Principles, Operation and Management by Croft, Terrell ISBN: 9781176576476 List Price: $31.75
Operation Shopping Centers; Guidebook to Effective Management and Promotion by Curtiss, Donald L. ISBN: 9781176910072 List Price: $24.75
Paul Masson Winery Operations and Management, 1944-1988 : Oral history Transcript / 1990 by Katz, Morris H., Meyer, Ott... ISBN: 9781176925120 List Price: $24.75
Science of Threshing; Treating the Operation, Management and Care of Threshing MacHinery by Conner, G[Eorge] F. ISBN: 9781176967137 List Price: $23.75
Ranger Medic Handbook : 75th Ranger Regiment Trauma Management Team (Tactical) by Command, U. S. Army Special... ISBN: 9781463603793 List Price: $45.95
Defining Command, Leadership, and Management : Success Factors within Stability Operations by Fielder, Dave, Maritime, Ta... ISBN: 9781463608255 List Price: $15.95
SPE/IADC Managed Pressure Dilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition 200... by Society of Petroleum Engineers ISBN: 9781555631888 List Price: $40.00
IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition 20... by Society of Petroleum Engineers ISBN: 9781555632199 List Price: $40.00
Production/Operations Management by Dowlatshahi, Shad ISBN: 9781581525625 List Price: $52.40
Production/Operations Management by Dowlatshahi, Shad ISBN: 9781581524376 List Price: $44.75
Environmental Management of Livestock Operations by Unknown ISBN: 9781592150847 List Price: $20.00
Forest Operations and Watershed Management by Unknown ISBN: 9781592473335
Feasibility of Outsourcing the Management and Operation of the Capitol Power Plant by Dorn, Terrell ISBN: 9781437900279 List Price: $15.00
Operational Risk Modelling and Management by Franzetti, Claudio ISBN: 9781439844762
Supply Chain Games: Operations Management and Risk Valuation : Operations Management and Ris... by Kogan, Konstantin, Tapiero,... ISBN: 9781441944481 List Price: $149.00
Interagency Management of Complex Crisis Operations : Handbook by University, National Defense ISBN: 9781448605323 List Price: $14.95
Physician Practice Management: Essential Operational and Financial Knowledge by Wolper, Lawrence F. ISBN: 9781449644321 List Price: $183.95
McMackin's Productivity Management Guide: FOR SHOP FLOOR OPERATIONS by John W. McMackin ISBN: 9781419681233 List Price: $10.99
Analytic Hierarchy Process as a Framework for Sourcing Decisions : Management, Operations, a... by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423537199 List Price: $32.95
Perception Management and Coalition Information Operations by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423526643 List Price: $31.95
Interagency Management of Complex Contingency Operations : The Impact of Presidential Decisi... by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423525943 List Price: $34.95
Verification and Validation Assessment of Rapid Availability Prototyping for Testing Operati... by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423529330 List Price: $30.95
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