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When it comes down to it, management is all about getting people together to achieve a goal using the resources available. Whether you're building a campfire, filming a movie, throwing a party, or running a company, the end result depends on how well the task was managed. And no one wants to throw a lame party, now do they? Certainly not. Enter your new Management textbook rental. Now choose your style: autocratic, democratic, paternalistic or the more laid-back Laissez-faire. Then make some important decisions and start climbing that corporate ladder. Before you know it, you'll be answering to the two Bobs as you wrestle with your TPS reports. So rent a Management textbook and learn how to look busy while your boss other people around from the corner office--with a view.

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Managing Front Office Operations by Unknown ISBN: 9780866123389 List Price: $96.95
Police Patrol Operations and Management by Hale, Charles D. ISBN: 9780131126343 List Price: $117.80
Operations Management Processes and Value Chains by Krajewski, Lee J., Ritzman,... ISBN: 9780131697393 List Price: $198.67
Operations Management with Student DVD by Stevenson, William J. ISBN: 9780077284091 List Price: $193.75
Managing Front Office Operations (AHLEI) by Kasavana, Michael, Brooks, ... ISBN: 9780133097108
Casino Operations Management by Kilby, Jim, Fox, Jim, Lucas... ISBN: 9780471266327 List Price: $90.00
Resorts: Management and Operation by Mill, Robert Christie ISBN: 9781118071823 List Price: $90.00
Introduction to Security: Operations and Management by Ortmeier, P. J. ISBN: 9780135129272 List Price: $70.60
Operations Management For Competitive Advantage by Chase, Richard B., Aquilano... ISBN: 9780073121666 List Price: $185.50
Healthcare Operations Management by McLaughlin, Daniel B., Hays... ISBN: 9781567932881 List Price: $101.00
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management by Handfield, Robert B., Bozar... ISBN: 9780131791039 List Price: $182.00
Operations Management by Heizer, Jay H., Render, Barry ISBN: 9780136025672 List Price: $158.67
Supply Chain Management Strategy, Planning, and Operation by Chopra, Sunil, Meindl, Peter ISBN: 9780131730427 List Price: $168.00
Operations and Supply Chain Management by Russell, Roberta S., Taylor... ISBN: 9780470095157 List Price: $214.95
Landscape Operations Management, Methods, and Materials by Hannebaum, Leroy G. ISBN: 9780138569150 List Price: $71.60
Front Office Operations and Management by Ismail, Ahmed ISBN: 9780766823433 List Price: $129.95
Security Operations Management by McCrie, Robert D. ISBN: 9780750678827 List Price: $69.95
Operations and Supply Management The Core by Jacobs, F. Robert, Chase, R... ISBN: 9780073294735 List Price: $140.00
Principles Of Operations Management by Heizer, Jay, Render, Barry,... ISBN: 9780132343282 List Price: $136.00
Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations by Richard Cichy, Philip J., J... ISBN: 9780866123587 List Price: $109.65
Managing Housekeeping Operations-W/EXAM by Kappa, Nitschke, Aleta, Fry... ISBN: 9780866123365 List Price: $96.95
Operations & Supply Management: The Core with Student Videos DVD by Jacobs, F. Robert, Chase, R... ISBN: 9780077397012 List Price: $147.19
Managing Front Office Operations by Michael L. Kasavana, Richar... ISBN: 9780866123860 List Price: $114.00
Operations and Supply Management with Connect Plus by Jacobs, F. Robert, Chase, R... ISBN: 9780077399030
Mastering System Center Operations Manager 2012 by Shilmover, Barry ISBN: 9781118128992 List Price: $59.99
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