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The Latin roots of the word "literature" mean "acquaintance with letters." If you are reading something that sounds as elegant as that phrase, you're probably reading literature. It is through literature textbooks that we begin to see the world as it was years, decades, or centuries ago. We understand the way 1800s America looked because of the works of Mark Twain. Through Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales," we know that the English of the 14th century enjoyed a dirty joke as much as we do. Although a fine piece of literary art may stay with you forever, you may not want your text books to do the same. When this is the case, consider textbook rental. When you rent textbooks, you make use of them for the duration of your class and then return them. Students who rent literature textbooks never have to worry about the bookstore declining to buy back a book because the professor chose to use a different edition next year. Literature can evoke some of our strongest emotions, but so does saving money.

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Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation by France, Peter ISBN: 9780199247844 List Price: $74.00
Short Oxford Hist.of English Literature by Sanders, Andrew ISBN: 9780198711568 List Price: $17.95
PENGUIN SHORT HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE (P) by Coote, Stephen ISBN: 9780140125313 List Price: $16.95
History of Early English Literature by Brooke, Stopford A. ISBN: 9780548107522 List Price: $46.95
What Manner of Woman: Essays on English and American Life and Literature by Springer, Marlene ISBN: 9780814777794 List Price: $22.50
Profiles in Literary Courage Studies in English Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9788171880188 List Price: $25.00
Pilgrimage in Medieval English Literature, 700-1500 by Dyas, Dee ISBN: 9780859916233 List Price: $85.00
Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet: A Study for Classes in English Literature by Shakespeare, William ISBN: 9781103458509 List Price: $17.99
Shakespeare's "King Lear" (Study in English Literature) by Nicholas Brooke ISBN: 9780713150810
Cambridge History of English Literature V7: Cavalier and Puritan (1911) by Ward, A. W., Waller, Alfred R. ISBN: 9781436598835 List Price: $60.95
Cyclopaedia of English Literature by Chambers, Robert ISBN: 9781140209775 List Price: $47.99
Lectures on English Literature by Reed, Henry ISBN: 9780217009232 List Price: $26.13
Reader's Guide : The Development of Baha'i Literature in English by Braun, Eunice ISBN: 9780853982289 List Price: $17.95
Book of English Literature, Part by Snyder, Franklyn Bliss, Mar... ISBN: 9781166487676 List Price: $32.76
Literature and Young Children by Cullinan, Bernice E., Carmi... ISBN: 9780814129722
Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors by Abrams, M. H., Greenblatt, ... ISBN: 9780393976199 List Price: $45.00
Levinas and Medieval Literature: The "Difficult Reading" of English and Rabbinic Texts (Lite... by Ann W. Astell, J. A. Jackson ISBN: 9780820704203 List Price: $58.00
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Edited by A. W. Ward and A. R. Waller (Volume 04) by Ward, Adolphus William ISBN: 9781152749993 List Price: $55.50
The Norton Anthology of English Literature (Volume 1 with Audio CD) by Abrams, M. H., Greenblatt, ... ISBN: 9780393947748 List Price: $50.60
Using Young Adult Literature in the English Classroom by Bushman, John H., Haas, Kay... ISBN: 9780130264558 List Price: $56.00
History of English Literature from Beowulf to Swinburne by Lang, Andrew ISBN: 9780809532292 List Price: $29.95
Complete Idiot's Guide to English Literature by Stevenson, Jay ISBN: 9781592576562 List Price: $18.95
Middle English Literature by Dunn, Charles W., Byrnes, E... ISBN: 9780824052973 List Price: $50.00
English Literature in the Sixteenth Century, Vol. 3 by Lewis, C. S. ISBN: 9780198122043 List Price: $49.95
The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology by Hass, Andrew, Jasper, David... ISBN: 9780199544486 List Price: $65.00
Routledge History of Literature in English Britain and Ireland by Carter, Ronald, McRae, John... ISBN: 9780415243179 List Price: $104.95
Middle English Lit Hc (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities) by Edward T. Byrnes, Charles W... ISBN: 9780824052980 List Price: $30.00
Making It Real The Canonization of English-Canadian Literature by Lecker, Robert ISBN: 9780887845666 List Price: $22.95
English for Students of Arabic Language and Literature by Farjami, Hadi ISBN: 9783639191677 List Price: $86.00
Oxford Companion to English Literature by Drabble, Margaret ISBN: 9780198661306 List Price: $49.95
English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge Study Guide (Praxis Study G... by Educational Testing Service ISBN: 9780886852528 List Price: $25.00
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