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It's a long way from your first traffic ticket to the time you take (and pass!) the bar, and there's a whole lot of People vs. Other People's cases to learn in between. The tricks to over-complicating what you're really saying takes a while to learn, but your best defense in an ever-changing landscape of legalese is to figure out how to write it yourself--when you rent a Law textbook. Even if you don't wind up pursuing law as your career, everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later, and when that time comes for you, you're going to feel like the District Attorney if you already know the lingo. Whatever it was that summoned you to study Law--Legally Blond, Law & Order, or maybe 12 Angry Men--these textbook rentals will help you make a sound argument. Learn how to get the law on your side and stand tall when cross-examined by your main squeeze or when subpoenaed to the Dean's office. No matter which way the gavel falls, the best way to make crime pay is to become a lawyer.

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Business Man's Commercial Law Library (1920) by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9780217451901 List Price: $16.00
Law for Business by Unknown ISBN: 9780256265002 List Price: $109.35
Test Bank: TB Business Law by Unknown ISBN: 9780072396195
Lex Mercatoria: Or, a Complete Code of Commercial Law; Being a General Guide to All Men in B... by Chitty, Joseph, Beawes, Wyn... ISBN: 9781143863318 List Price: $49.75
Business Law & Blackboard Bunpk by Unknown ISBN: 9780130750839 List Price: $146.00
Contemporary Business Law & Sg & CD Pkg by Unknown ISBN: 9780130750327 List Price: $125.00
Essent Business Law TB by Unknown ISBN: 9780538878784
Official Directory of the Builders' and Traders' Exchange of Chicago for 1905; Containing th... by Chicago, Builders' And Trad... ISBN: 9781153412445 List Price: $21.24
Business Law--Case Method (Volume 2) by House, Commerce Clearing ISBN: 9781151939166 List Price: $23.65
Natural Law in the Business World by Wood, Henry ISBN: 9781154031515 List Price: $20.00
Law and Business (Volume 1); Introduction by Spencer, William Homer ISBN: 9781153925297 List Price: $50.86
A Hand-Book of Corporation Law: As Applied to Private Business Corporations by Harvey, Richard Selden ISBN: 9781145112087 List Price: $44.75
Florida Business Laws Annotated, 2009-2010 ed. by Unknown ISBN: 9780314987327 List Price: $237.00
L.l.l., or Fifty Law Lessons Embracing All the Technical Points of Business Law by Clark, Arthur B. ISBN: 9781150223877 List Price: $22.24
Florida Business Laws Annotated 2006-2007 by Unknown ISBN: 9780314956934
Environmental Law and Business Transactions by Unknown ISBN: 9780421590106
Nicaragua Business Law Handbook by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781438735627 List Price: $149.95
Malawi Business Law Handbook by Unknown ISBN: 9780739705032 List Price: $149.95
Assessing the Implementation of Public Law 103-355, the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act... by Business, United States. Co... ISBN: 9781153444965 List Price: $20.00
A Treatise On the Law of Public Service Companies, Property Devoted to Public Use, Business ... by Collier, Needham Calvin ISBN: 9781143692642 List Price: $48.75
New York Laws Affecting Business Corporations (Volume 2) by York, New ISBN: 9781153842921 List Price: $30.89
Business Man's Commercial Law Library (Volume 3) by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9781153865647 List Price: $21.14
Business laws of Kuwait: 11th edition by Unknown ISBN: 9781853332388 List Price: $997.00
Kentucky Business Organizations Laws and Rules Annotated (2004-2005 Edition) by Lexis Editorial Staff ISBN: 9780820580074 List Price: $40.00
Ethiopia Land Ownership and Agriculture Laws Handbook (World Business Law Library) by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781438758992 List Price: $149.95
Business Law for Business Men and Students by Anonymous ISBN: 9781145480407 List Price: $31.75
Essentials for Contemporary Business Law by Unknown ISBN: 9780130661791
Sport, Business and the Law by Verow, Richard, Lawrence, C... ISBN: 9780853084815
Law and Business (Volume 3); Law and Risk-Bearing. Law and Labor. Law and the Form of the Bu... by Spencer, William Homer ISBN: 9781154019155 List Price: $32.36
Law for Business Students by Unknown ISBN: 9780582473188
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