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It's a long way from your first traffic ticket to the time you take (and pass!) the bar, and there's a whole lot of People vs. Other People's cases to learn in between. The tricks to over-complicating what you're really saying takes a while to learn, but your best defense in an ever-changing landscape of legalese is to figure out how to write it yourself--when you rent a Law textbook. Even if you don't wind up pursuing law as your career, everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later, and when that time comes for you, you're going to feel like the District Attorney if you already know the lingo. Whatever it was that summoned you to study Law--Legally Blond, Law & Order, or maybe 12 Angry Men--these textbook rentals will help you make a sound argument. Learn how to get the law on your side and stand tall when cross-examined by your main squeeze or when subpoenaed to the Dean's office. No matter which way the gavel falls, the best way to make crime pay is to become a lawyer.

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Law and Business of Engineering and Contracting : With Numerous Forms and Blanks for Practic... by Fowler, Charles Evan ISBN: 9781161790726 List Price: $37.95
Law of Unfair Business Competition by Nims, Harry Dwight ISBN: 9781161836080 List Price: $60.95
American Universities, American Foreign Service, and an Adequate Consular Law by National Business League of... ISBN: 9781161861426 List Price: $31.95
Law of Business Paper and Securities by Dolle, Charles F. ISBN: 9781161972283 List Price: $51.95
Business Competition and the Law : Everyday Trade Conditions Affected by the Anti-Trust Laws by Montague, Gilbert Holland ISBN: 9781163544235 List Price: $36.76
Better Business for Builders : Containing Practical Hints on Securing Business, Law, Financi... by The Editorial Staff Buildin... ISBN: 9781163168042 List Price: $19.96
Busy Pastor's Guide : A Resume of Canon Law, Moral and Pastoral Theology, Together with the ... by Laurent, Charles, Dolphin, ... ISBN: 9781163142509 List Price: $22.36
Business Law--Case Method (Volume 3) by House, Commerce Clearing ISBN: 9781151939203 List Price: $23.05
Business Men's Laws of California by Lincoln, Walter Gould ISBN: 9781143013447 List Price: $33.75
The Financial Times Guide to Law for Business ("Financial Times" Guides) by Vaitilingam, Adam ISBN: 9780273607564 List Price: $45.00
Law of International Business in Australasia by Unknown ISBN: 9781862877245 List Price: $103.00
The Law of Private Business Corporations; With Questions, Problems and Forms by Bays, Alfred William ISBN: 9780217684743 List Price: $13.25
The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; Or, Success by Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business... by Hopkins, John Castell, Hunt... ISBN: 9781142024185 List Price: $40.75
Business Law, an Elementary Treatise by Bays, Alfred William ISBN: 9781151939357 List Price: $20.61
Texas Laws Made Plain; Laws and Legal Forms Prepared for the Use of Farmers, Ranchmen, Mecha... by Simmons, David Edward ISBN: 9781151067029 List Price: $20.40
A Concise Treatise on the Law of Corporations Having Capital Stock; Including Manufacturing ... by Haviland, Charles Tappan ISBN: 9781152635357 List Price: $37.49
Popular Lectures on Commercial Law. Written for the Use of Merchants and Business Men by Sharswood, George ISBN: 9781152493308 List Price: $20.00
Laws of Maine Concerning Business Corporations (Annotated) with the Liberal Changes of 1901:... by Heath, Herbert Milton ISBN: 9781141527601 List Price: $21.75
Lectures on Business Law and the Negotiable Instruments Law by Williston, Samuel ISBN: 9781150354625 List Price: $18.60
A Treatise on the Law of Trade-Marks and Analogous Subjects, (firm-Names, Business-Signs, Go... by Browne, William Henry ISBN: 9781150329012 List Price: $55.41
Law of the Real Estate Business - William B. French - Hardcover - 4th ed by French, William, Lusk, Haro... ISBN: 9780256021677 List Price: $24.95
Business Law Today, Comprehensive by Unknown ISBN: 9780324388169
Study Guide to Accompany Business Law Today: Alternate Essentials Edition : Text & Hypotheti... by Roger LeRoy Miller, Gaylord... ISBN: 9780314220875 List Price: $31.95
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