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It's a long way from your first traffic ticket to the time you take (and pass!) the bar, and there's a whole lot of People vs. Other People's cases to learn in between. The tricks to over-complicating what you're really saying takes a while to learn, but your best defense in an ever-changing landscape of legalese is to figure out how to write it yourself--when you rent a Law textbook. Even if you don't wind up pursuing law as your career, everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later, and when that time comes for you, you're going to feel like the District Attorney if you already know the lingo. Whatever it was that summoned you to study Law--Legally Blond, Law & Order, or maybe 12 Angry Men--these textbook rentals will help you make a sound argument. Learn how to get the law on your side and stand tall when cross-examined by your main squeeze or when subpoenaed to the Dean's office. No matter which way the gavel falls, the best way to make crime pay is to become a lawyer.

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Law of Business Corporations Organized under the General Corporation Laws of the State of De... by Smith, Joshua Ernest ISBN: 9781279468005 List Price: $36.75
Massachusetts Business Corporation Law Of 1903 : Covering Private Business Corporations Exce... by Hall, Prescott Farnsworth, ... ISBN: 9781279468555 List Price: $51.75
Home Library of Law : The Business Man's Legal Adviser ... ... by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9781277834796 List Price: $24.75
Statutory Revision of the Laws of New York Affecting Miscellaneous Corporations, Enacted In ... by (State), New York, Hamilton... ISBN: 9781278420066 List Price: $37.75
Essentials of Business Law by Burdick, Francis Marion ISBN: 9781278613710 List Price: $34.75
Manual of Maine Corporation Law : Containing the Statutes Regulating Business Corporations, ... by Heath, Herbert Milton, Char... ISBN: 9781278789149 List Price: $32.75
Business Man's Commercial Law Library by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9781278847085 List Price: $26.75
Business Law by Hirschl, Samuel Dillon ISBN: 9781278946580 List Price: $27.75
Our Rights and Duties : Manual of Law and Business Forms by Haigh, Henry Allyn ISBN: 9781286103982 List Price: $21.75
Elements of Business Law : With Illustrative Examples and Problems by Huffcut, Ernest Wilson, Geo... ISBN: 9781286252734 List Price: $31.75
Second Tentative Draft of an Act to Make Uniform the Law of Incorporation of Business Corpor... by National Conference Of Comm... ISBN: 9781286365908 List Price: $15.75
Studyguide for Business Law Today : The Essentials by Roger Leroy Miller, ISBN 9780324786156 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781467261524 List Price: $36.95
Law of E-Commerce : E-Contracts, E-Business by Alghamdi, Abdulhadi M. ISBN: 9781467886031
Law for Business Students by Adams, Alix ISBN: 9781408287019
Csc New York Laws Governing Business by Csc ISBN: 9781422486030
Revised Digest of Decisions, Constitution, by-Laws, Order of Business and Rules of Order of ... by Independent Order Of Odd Fe... ISBN: 9781286694688 List Price: $32.75
Elements of Business Law : With Illustrative Examples and Problems by Huffcut, Ernest Wilson, Geo... ISBN: 9781286703861 List Price: $31.75
United States Income Tax Law Simplified for Business Men by Wyman, Ferdinand Adolphus ISBN: 9781286709146 List Price: $25.75
Statute and Case Law of the State of New Jersey Relating to Business Companies under an Act ... by Dill, James B. (James Brooks) ISBN: 9781290155939 List Price: $28.95
Law of Unfair Business Competition, Including Chapters on Trade Secrets and Confidential Bus... by Nims, Harry D. (Harry Dwight) ISBN: 9781290207881 List Price: $38.95
Law and Business of Engineering and Contracting, with Numerous Forms and Blanks for Practica... by Fowler, Charles Evan ISBN: 9781290206884 List Price: $22.95
McMaster's Commercial Cases.Current Business Law from the Decisions of the Highest Courts of... by James Smith McMaster ISBN: 9781235734212 List Price: $46.49
The Fundamentals of Business Law (with Legal Forms) by Harry Hers Yanckwich ISBN: 9781235738197 List Price: $20.40
A model state, being a brief compilation of the constitution and laws of Minnesota, together... by William Gates le Duc ISBN: 9781130859942 List Price: $14.14
Laws of Maryland Relating to Business Corporations by Maryland ISBN: 9781130831702 List Price: $14.14
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