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It's a long way from your first traffic ticket to the time you take (and pass!) the bar, and there's a whole lot of People vs. Other People's cases to learn in between. The tricks to over-complicating what you're really saying takes a while to learn, but your best defense in an ever-changing landscape of legalese is to figure out how to write it yourself--when you rent a Law textbook. Even if you don't wind up pursuing law as your career, everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later, and when that time comes for you, you're going to feel like the District Attorney if you already know the lingo. Whatever it was that summoned you to study Law--Legally Blond, Law & Order, or maybe 12 Angry Men--these textbook rentals will help you make a sound argument. Learn how to get the law on your side and stand tall when cross-examined by your main squeeze or when subpoenaed to the Dean's office. No matter which way the gavel falls, the best way to make crime pay is to become a lawyer.

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Lithuania Telecom Laws and Regulations Handbook (World Law Business Library) by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781433082108 List Price: $149.95
Law and Business ... [ V.2 ] [ 1921-22 ] by William Homer Spencer ISBN: 9781112400049 List Price: $39.99
Kenya Taxation Laws and Regulations Handbook (World Law Business Library) by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781433080142 List Price: $149.95
Law & International Business by Lipner, Seth E., 2nd ISBN: 9781934188507 List Price: $85.00
South Asian Regional Cooperation Business Law Handbook by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781438744445 List Price: $149.95
Us Business Law Handbook by IBP USA Staff ISBN: 9781438753683 List Price: $149.95
Text-Book on Commercial Law : A Manual of the Fundamental Principles Governing Business Tran... by Clark, Salter Storrs ISBN: 9781146057479 List Price: $30.75
Laws Relating to Business Corporations : Being Chapter 437, Acts of 1903, with Additional Ac... by Massachusetts, Massachusett... ISBN: 9781146345446 List Price: $19.75
Business Man's Commercial Law Library by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9781110260119 List Price: $21.99
Law in Business Problems : Cases and Other Materials for the Study of Legal Aspects of Business by Schaub, Lincoln Frederick, ... ISBN: 9781149836774 List Price: $58.75
Laws of Business for All the States and Territories of the Union and the Dominion of Canad by Parsons, Theophilus ISBN: 9781149964729 List Price: $60.75
Farmer's Business Hand-Book : A Manual of Simple Farm Accounts and of Brief Advice an Rural Law by Anonymous, Anonymous ISBN: 9781148844275 List Price: $30.75
Business Law by Bly, Myron T. ISBN: 9781148925479 List Price: $24.75
Business Man's Commercial Law Library : Legal Wrongs and Remedies; the National Bankruptcy A... by Bolles, Albert Sidney ISBN: 9781148942247 List Price: $27.75
Legal Adviser, or, How to Diminish Losses, Avoid Lawsuits, and Save Time, Trouble, and Money... by Freedley, Edwin Troxell ISBN: 9781148995762 List Price: $33.75
Law for Business by Ronald L. Taylor ISBN: 9780324060546
Business Law, Principles and Cases in the Legal Envionment, Study Guide by Daniel V. Davidson, Brenda ... ISBN: 9780324042948 List Price: $35.95
Law and Women's Issues for Business Law Today by Docan, Carol ISBN: 9780538880060 List Price: $37.25
Business Law/legal Studies by Unknown ISBN: 9781581942699 List Price: $19.95
Business Law and the Regulation of Business (Study Guide) by Unknown ISBN: 9780324061970 List Price: $25.00
Business Law Today : Essentials (Study Guide) by Unknown ISBN: 9780324151619 List Price: $26.75
Accompany Fundamentals of Business Law by Unknown ISBN: 9780324062960 List Price: $23.50
Law of Business Organizations and Securities Regulation by Prentice, Robert A. ISBN: 9780135301890 List Price: $120.00
Acca Complete Study Text F4 Corporate and Business Law CL (Glo). by Unknown ISBN: 9780857324283 List Price: $77.75
Butterworths Business And Law Dictionary by D.A. Ipp ISBN: 9780409314007
CPA Australia - Fundamentals of Business Law: Passcards by BPP Learning Media Ltd ISBN: 9781445377896 List Price: $26.50
Cima - Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law: Passcard by BPP Learning Media Ltd ISBN: 9781445379227 List Price: $22.50
Principles Business Law S/G Corley/shedd by Unknown ISBN: 9780137053032
The Business of Law: Strategies for Success by The International Bar Assoc... ISBN: 9781905783618 List Price: $196.00
Handbook on the Law of Small Business Enterprises by Harvey J. Williamson ISBN: 9781880730355 List Price: $42.00
CSC Pennsylvania Laws Governing Business Entities by Corporation Service Company ISBN: 9780769856919 List Price: $60.00
Law of Attraction for Business by Rebecca Hanson ISBN: 9780973505207
F4 Corporate and Business Law CL (UK) - Pocket Notes by Unknown ISBN: 9780857323279 List Price: $26.00
F4 Corporate and Business Law CL (Glo) - Pocket Notes by Unknown ISBN: 9780857324313 List Price: $26.00
Business Expense Log, 2014- Intelligent Client Series (Stock) by CCH Tax Law Editors Staff ISBN: 9780808034827 List Price: $4.60
Uniform Business Law: With Business Forms And Illustrative Cases by Coleman Hall Bush ISBN: 9781248777831 List Price: $38.75
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