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With plot lines that out-twist any Hitchcock story, tragedy to make Les Misérables seem cheerful, and elements of slapstick that outdo even the Three Stooges, the study of History offers more than simply dates and names. Think of it as the longest-running and most epic tale ever told. When you rent a History textbook, you'll learn about the wars, revolutions, discoveries, and advances that have led us to where we are today. From ancient Greece to the Chinese Empire, from Cleopatra to the Italian Renaissance, from Manifest Destiny to the Space Race, no adventure is without sufficient intrigue and drama. The soap opera-worthy manuscripts of how we got here will surely be page turners--oh, the cliffhangers! So get on board with a History textbook rental and remember: those who don't pass History are doomed to repeat it.

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Brave New World A History of Early America by Hoffer, Peter Charles ISBN: 9780801884832 List Price: $26.00
World History World History by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030383991 List Price: $78.60
Aspects of World Civilization Problems and Sources in History by Rogers, Perry M. ISBN: 9780130808288 List Price: $84.60
Modern World History Patterns of Interaction by Unknown ISBN: 9780618410002 List Price: $2.00
Twentieth Century World An International History by Keylor, William R. ISBN: 9780195136814 List Price: $51.00
Global Passages Sources in World History by Schlesinger, Roger, Blackwe... ISBN: 9780618067954 List Price: $90.95
Worlds of History A Comparative Reader Since 1400 by Reilly, Kevin ISBN: 9780312446864 List Price: $49.11
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in World History, Volume 1, Expanded 3/e by Mitchell, Helen Buss, Mitch... ISBN: 9780078127588 List Price: $35.31
World History by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780078239939 List Price: $93.72
History of the World's Religions by Noss, David S. ISBN: 9780130991652 List Price: $98.00
Basque History of the World by Kurlansky, Mark ISBN: 9780140298512 List Price: $16.00
Twisted Histories, Altered Contexts Representing the Chambri in a World System by Gewertz, Deborah B., Erring... ISBN: 9780521395878 List Price: $38.99
Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. History and World History by Beaber, Lawrence, Borysewic... ISBN: 9780874477696 List Price: $18.95
Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War by Strachan, Hew ISBN: 9780192893253 List Price: $28.95
Catiline's Conspiracy, The Jugurthine War, Histories (Oxford World's Classics) by Sallust, Batstone, William ... ISBN: 9780192823458 List Price: $15.95
Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World by Robinson, Francis, Lapidus,... ISBN: 9780521669931 List Price: $45.00
World Is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Friedman, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780374292799 List Price: $30.00
Mastering Modern World History by Lowe, Norman ISBN: 9781403939821 List Price: $29.95
World History by Unknown ISBN: 9780618586882
World History Patterns of Inte by Beck, Roger B., Black, Lind... ISBN: 9780618913305 List Price: $109.88
Modern World History by Beck, Roger B., Black, Lind... ISBN: 9780618184880 List Price: $94.52
World History Journey Across Time (National Survey) by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780078688737 List Price: $95.44
Cracking the AP World History Exam, 2012 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review Staff ISBN: 9780375427244 List Price: $18.99
World History Patterns of Interaction by Unknown ISBN: 9780618108237 List Price: $97.88
History of the Roman World 753 To 146 Bc by Scullard, H. H. ISBN: 9780415305044 List Price: $43.95
The World: A History, Volume C by Fernández-Armesto, Felipe ISBN: 9780136061502 List Price: $102.00
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World by Ferguson, Niall ISBN: 9780143116172 List Price: $16.00
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