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With plot lines that out-twist any Hitchcock story, tragedy to make Les Misérables seem cheerful, and elements of slapstick that outdo even the Three Stooges, the study of History offers more than simply dates and names. Think of it as the longest-running and most epic tale ever told. When you rent a History textbook, you'll learn about the wars, revolutions, discoveries, and advances that have led us to where we are today. From ancient Greece to the Chinese Empire, from Cleopatra to the Italian Renaissance, from Manifest Destiny to the Space Race, no adventure is without sufficient intrigue and drama. The soap opera-worthy manuscripts of how we got here will surely be page turners--oh, the cliffhangers! So get on board with a History textbook rental and remember: those who don't pass History are doomed to repeat it.

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World History - Illinois Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780866096348 List Price: $51.04
World History - Illinois Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780030535277 List Price: $94.99
Great Empire of China and Marco Polo in World History by Worth, Richard ISBN: 9780766019393 List Price: $26.60
Henry Hudson and His Voyages of Exploration in World History by Edwards, Judith ISBN: 9780766018853 List Price: $26.60
Heritage and Harvest The History of the Association of Baptist for World Evangelism by Commons, Harold, Amstutz, H... ISBN: 9781888796025 List Price: $17.90
Heroic Worlds A History and Guide to Role-Playing Games by Schick, Lawrence ISBN: 9780879756529 List Price: $55.00
History of Bihar Between the Two World Wars, 1919-1939 by Unknown ISBN: 9780865907003 List Price: $75.00
History of Britain At the Edge of the World? 3500 B.C.-1603 A.D. by Unknown ISBN: 9781559276368 List Price: $24.95
History and Life The World and Its People by Unknown ISBN: 9780673222633 List Price: $13.60
History and Life The World and Its People by Unknown ISBN: 9780673133403 List Price: $60.90
History As Literature: German World Chronicles of the Thirteenth Century in Verse (Medieval ... by R. Graeme Dunphy, Rudolf vo... ISBN: 9781580440424 List Price: $11.00
History Atlas of World Myth by Campbell, Joseph ISBN: 9780062715401 List Price: $50.00
History of America The Situation of the World at the Time of Christ's Appearance by Robertson, William ISBN: 9781855067325 List Price: $120.00
History of America The Situation of the World at the Time of Christ's Appearance by Robertson, William ISBN: 9781855067318 List Price: $135.00
History in the Making Memoirs of World War II Diplomacy by Unknown ISBN: 9780828591065 List Price: $8.95
Berlin Philharmonic From Bulow to Karajan Home and History of a World Famous Orchestra by Stresemann, W. ISBN: 9783877765180 List Price: $18.75
America and the World, 1776-1998: A Handbook of United States Diplomatic History by Margaret B. Denning, Stephe... ISBN: 9781577661498 List Price: $14.95
World History by Duiker, William J., Spielvo... ISBN: 9780534571733 List Price: $29.95
World History Volume 2 by Kardulias, Dianna Rhyan, Sp... ISBN: 9780534571740 List Price: $29.95
History Firsthand - The World Trade Center Attack (paperback edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9780737714692 List Price: $23.70
History of World Societies From 1775 to the Present Chapters 23-36 by McKay, John. P ISBN: 9780618302000 List Price: $69.95
A History Of World Society, Volume A Sixth Edition by John P. McKay ISBN: 9780618301980
A History of World Societies: From Antiquity to 1500 by John P.; Buckler, John; Hil... ISBN: 9780395944929
A History Of World Society, Volume B, Fifth Edition by John P. McKay, Bennett D. H... ISBN: 9780395944936
History of World Societies by McKay ISBN: 9780395944967 List Price: $39.95
ResourceLink: 19th-Century World History (ResourceLinks (CD's only)) by Unknown ISBN: 9781576071397 List Price: $79.00
20Th-Century World History: Standalone Version (Resourcelink) by Unknown ISBN: 9781576071380 List Price: $79.00
Access to History The Second World War Era by Unknown ISBN: 9780198335528 List Price: $5.00
Cultural History of World War II : Polish Culture During World War Ii by Llc, Books ISBN: 9781156434253 List Price: $26.06
History of the British Army : British Army During World War I by Llc, Books ISBN: 9781156497647 List Price: $39.90
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