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With plot lines that out-twist any Hitchcock story, tragedy to make Les Misérables seem cheerful, and elements of slapstick that outdo even the Three Stooges, the study of History offers more than simply dates and names. Think of it as the longest-running and most epic tale ever told. When you rent a History textbook, you'll learn about the wars, revolutions, discoveries, and advances that have led us to where we are today. From ancient Greece to the Chinese Empire, from Cleopatra to the Italian Renaissance, from Manifest Destiny to the Space Race, no adventure is without sufficient intrigue and drama. The soap opera-worthy manuscripts of how we got here will surely be page turners--oh, the cliffhangers! So get on board with a History textbook rental and remember: those who don't pass History are doomed to repeat it.

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Sacred History, from the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem by White, Henry ISBN: 9781163692288 List Price: $30.36
Man's World and Work : A History of Industry by Perret, Eleanor ISBN: 9781163698778 List Price: $36.76
Land Battles, North Africa, Sicily, and Italy : Military History of World War II V3 by Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt ISBN: 9781163698679 List Price: $15.16
From Lenin to Malenkov : The History of World Communism by Seton-Watson, Hugh ISBN: 9781163698327 List Price: $27.96
New Illustrated Natural History of the World by Protheroe, Ernest ISBN: 9781163812112 List Price: $36.76
History of the Hebrews : Their Political, Social and Religious Development and Their Contrib... by Sanders, Frank Knight ISBN: 9781163809495 List Price: $29.56
European Land Battles, 1939-1943 : The Military History of World War II V1 by Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt ISBN: 9781163808023 List Price: $15.96
Digging for History : Archaeological Discoveries Throughout the World, 1945-1959 by Bacon, Edward, Albright, Wi... ISBN: 9781163807392 List Price: $27.16
Baptist World Fellowship : A Short History of the Baptist World Alliance by Lord, F. Townley ISBN: 9781163805589 List Price: $19.96
World War II : A Concise History by Shugg, Roger W., DeWeerd, H... ISBN: 9781163821459 List Price: $34.36
History of Company B, 311th Infantry, in the World War by Colonna, Benjamin Allison, ... ISBN: 9781165079636 List Price: $16.76
History of Henry Milner, Part : A Little Boy Who Was Not Brought up According to the Fashion... by Sherwood, Mary Martha ISBN: 9781165130221 List Price: $30.36
History of Henry Milner, Part : A Little Boy Who Was Not Brought up According to the Fashion... by Sherwood, Mary Martha ISBN: 9781165238392 List Price: $42.36
Friendship the Master-Passion : Or the Nature and History of Friendship, and Its Place As A ... by Trumbull, Henry Clay ISBN: 9781165347049 List Price: $27.96
Chronological Tables of Universal History, Part : Sacred and Profane, Ecclesiastic and Civil... by Dufresnoy, Nicolas Lenglet ISBN: 9781165385485 List Price: $30.36
Historians' History of the World V15 : Germanic Empires (1904) by Williams, Henry Smith ISBN: 9781165615964 List Price: $39.96
Encyclopedia of the British Empire : The first encyclopedic record of the greatest empire in... by Domville-Fife, Charles William ISBN: 9781172027613 List Price: $45.75
Encyclopedia of the British Empire : The first encyclopedic record of the greatest empire in... by Domville-Fife, Charles William ISBN: 9781172027583 List Price: $45.75
History of the Twenty-Sixth Enginers in the World War, Septemer, 1917-March 1919 by United States. Army. Corps ... ISBN: 9781172563784 List Price: $31.75
History of the World : From the Earliest Period to the Year of Our Lord 1783, with Particula... by Müller, Johannes von ISBN: 9781172555918 List Price: $33.75
The Ancient World (History in the Making) (v. 1) by Martin Roberts ISBN: 9780174350682
The European Emergence: AD 1500-1600 (Time-Life History of the World) by the editors of Time-Life bo... ISBN: 9780705409827
Asia in Western and World History: A Guide for Teaching by Ainslie T. Embree ISBN: 9788188817009
The Human Journey: A Framework for World History by Robert Strayer ISBN: 9780072496628 List Price: $85.75
Workbook for Living world history by T. Walter Wallbank ISBN: 9780673351265
Urban World History by Luc-Normand Tellier ISBN: 9782760515888 List Price: $58.00
World history I by H. H Barca ISBN: 9780912925530
Breve historia de las ciudades del mundo medieval / Brief history of medieval cities in the ... by Angel Luis Vera Aranda ISBN: 9788499672090 List Price: $17.95
100 Women Who Shaped World History (100 Series) by Gail Meyer Rolka ISBN: 9781442006065 List Price: $16.95
World History The Human Experience by Farah, Karis ISBN: 9780028227573
Guadalcanal: Island Ordeal (History of 2nd World War) by Graeme Kent ISBN: 9780345097187
What Is the World Made Of?: A History of Chemistry and Physics by Unknown ISBN: 9781617335235 List Price: $169.95
New Atlas of World History: Global Events at a Glance by John Haywood ISBN: 9780500251850 List Price: $72.25
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