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Once upon a time your study of English consisted of memorizing the correct spelling for endless words and irregular grammatical conjugations. Whether you swim, swam or swum through those murky waters, you'll be thrilled to learn that college-level English focuses less on words and more on the stories they weave. Rent English textbooks and experience the day-to-day drama of boarding school with Holden Caulfield and Jayne Eyre; travel through the Dust Bowl from Oklahoma to California with the Joad Family; and find out what happens when Gregor Samsa wakes up as a cockroach in Metamorphosis. The more tales you read, the more references you'll recognize in songs, films, and everyday conversation. So go forth with your English textbook rental and dive into an adventure. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming in iambic pentameter. Ay, there's the rub.

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An Elementary Treatise on Moral Philosophy (1865) by English, William Watson ISBN: 9781436770026 List Price: $22.95
An Elementary English Grammar: For the Use of Schools (Large Print Edition) by Latham, Robert Gordon ISBN: 9780554404769 List Price: $27.99
An Elementary English Grammar for the Use of Schools by Latham, Robert Gordon ISBN: 9781150212987 List Price: $18.01
Recycling Elementary English (Georgian Press) by West, Clare ISBN: 9780521140782 List Price: $19.00
Recycling Elementary English with Key (Georgian Press) by West, Clare ISBN: 9780521140799 List Price: $19.00
Elementary English, Spoken and Written by Hodge, Lamont Foster ISBN: 9780217712385 List Price: $33.94
Elementary Lessons In English For Home And School Use by Lloyd Knox Heath, Nelly ISBN: 9781103683086 List Price: $17.99
The Teaching of English, Elementary School Course by Percival Chubb ISBN: 9781235732317 List Price: $19.99
Elementary Grammar, Etymology and Syntax; Abridged from the Octavo Edition of the English La... by William Chauncey Fowler ISBN: 9781235856655 List Price: $15.55
English for Life Elementary Itools Flash by Unknown ISBN: 9780194330541
The English Elementary School Some Elementary Facts About It by A W. Newton ISBN: 9781178530261 List Price: $29.75
Elementary Old English Reader : Early West Saxon (1908) by Wyatt, Alfred J. ISBN: 9781164060550 List Price: $18.36
The Teaching Of English, Elementary School Course by Percival Chubb ISBN: 9781173866938 List Price: $27.75
Elementary English Grammar by William Henry Dawnay (7th V... ISBN: 9781178496543 List Price: $21.75
An elementary English grammar and composition, for use in public schools by Anonymous ISBN: 9781178500110 List Price: $24.75
English Grammar : For the Use of National and Other Elementary Schools (1842) by Lindsay, John ISBN: 9781165411146 List Price: $15.16
Elementary English, Spoken and Written : Advanced Book (1921) by Hodge, Lamont Foster, Lee, ... ISBN: 9781164630210 List Price: $31.16
Elementary English Composition by Scott, Fred Newton, Denney,... ISBN: 9781164757177 List Price: $35.16
Speaking and Writing English: A Course of Study for the Eight Grades of Elementary School by Sheridan, Bernard Matthew ISBN: 9781145455313 List Price: $21.75
English church architecture of the middle ages, an elementary handbook by Alfred Freeman Smith ISBN: 9781172758579 List Price: $18.75
Elementary Old English Grammar by Wyatt, Alfred John ISBN: 9781171710257 List Price: $22.75
English for Life Elementary: Student's Book with Multi-rom by Unknown ISBN: 9780194307581 List Price: $29.67
English for Life Elementary: Student's Book by Unknown ISBN: 9780194307260 List Price: $26.63
Grandad's Magic Gadgets Level 2 Elementary/Lower-intermediate American English by Everett-Camplin, Helen ISBN: 9788483235249 List Price: $10.00
Mathematics Glossary - English/Haitian Creole : Elementary, Middle School and High School Level by The University of the State... ISBN: 9781626320062 List Price: $15.00
Multilevel Business English Programme: Elementary - Course Book Level 1 by Ian Badger, Peter Menzies ISBN: 9780132461900
The Teaching of English in the Elementary and the Secondary School by Unknown ISBN: 9781290699334 List Price: $30.95
English Vocabulary in Use Elementary Network 30 Users by McCarthy, Michael, O'Dell, ... ISBN: 9780521672405 List Price: $350.00
An elementary English grammar for the use of schools by Latham, Robert Gordon ISBN: 9780217170697 List Price: $24.94
They All Want to Write : Written English in the Elementary School by Burrows, Alvina Truet, Fere... ISBN: 9781258249663 List Price: $32.95
They All Want to Write : Written English in the Elementary School by Burrows, Alvina Truet, Fere... ISBN: 9781258229054 List Price: $47.95
New Zealand Level 2 Elementary/Lower-intermediate American English by Johnson, Margaret ISBN: 9780521149020 List Price: $10.00
Nebraska Curriculum for English : Language Explorations for the Elementary Grades by Nebraska Curriculum Develop... ISBN: 9780803275089 List Price: $5.45
Elementary English... by Kimball, Lillian Gertrude ISBN: 9781144722089 List Price: $29.75
An Elementary Grammar of the English Language: With an Analysis of the Sentence by Hart, John Seely ISBN: 9781144774811 List Price: $21.75
The Elementary Course in English: A Syllabus with Graded Lists and References by Hosic, James Fleming ISBN: 9781141834020 List Price: $20.75
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