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Once upon a time your study of English consisted of memorizing the correct spelling for endless words and irregular grammatical conjugations. Whether you swim, swam or swum through those murky waters, you'll be thrilled to learn that college-level English focuses less on words and more on the stories they weave. Rent English textbooks and experience the day-to-day drama of boarding school with Holden Caulfield and Jayne Eyre; travel through the Dust Bowl from Oklahoma to California with the Joad Family; and find out what happens when Gregor Samsa wakes up as a cockroach in Metamorphosis. The more tales you read, the more references you'll recognize in songs, films, and everyday conversation. So go forth with your English textbook rental and dive into an adventure. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming in iambic pentameter. Ay, there's the rub.

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Report on the Study of English Language and Literature in Elementary and Secondary Schools by Document, Connecticut School ISBN: 9785519327343 List Price: $44.95
The English Elementary School Some Elementary Facts About It (Classic Reprint) by Newton, A. W., A. W. Newton ISBN: 9781330445891 List Price: $13.57
Vital English First Book Elementary Composition (Classic Reprint) by Taylor, C. Ralph, C. Ralph ... ISBN: 9781330486436 List Price: $11.97
The Elementary Study of English: Hints to Teachers (Classic Reprint) by Rolfe, W. J., W. J. Rolfe ISBN: 9781330543955 List Price: $9.57
An English-Welsh Pronouncing Dictionary: With Preliminary Observations On the Elementary Sou... by Spurrell, William, William ... ISBN: 9781296958510 List Price: $32.95
An Elementary Dictionary of the English Language [electronic Resource by Worcester, Joseph E. 1784-1... ISBN: 9781296903831 List Price: $28.95
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Combo B with Online Assessment by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781316601235 List Price: $45.00
Pollo, Pollo, What is that? Pre-School / Elementary School Classroom Student Aids with COG... by Divine, Grace, Grace Divine ISBN: 9781517532789 List Price: $12.00
An Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic: Taken Principally From the Arithmetic of S. F. Lacroix... by LaCroix, S. F., S. F. Lacroix ISBN: 9781330274323 List Price: $10.57
Cultivating Knowledge, Building Language : Literacy Instruction for English Learners in Elem... by Lesaux, Nonie K., Harris, J... ISBN: 9780325062501 List Price: $25.00
Parent's Guide to College and Career Readiness - Elementary - English by Sussman Sales Company Staff ISBN: 9781617177125 List Price: $2.95
Formation and Development of Elementary English Sounds - Primary Source Edition by Yale, Caroline Ardelia ISBN: 9781293674604 List Price: $17.75
La Familia con Reina, la hija de Abuela Rosa: An interactive story about family in Spanish a... by Deins, Kimberly, Kimberly A... ISBN: 9781522753360 List Price: $14.99
National Elementary Speller: A Critical Work On Pronunciation, Embracing A Strictly Graded C... by Watson, James Madison, Jame... ISBN: 9781343043879 List Price: $23.95
Pollo, Pollo, Lets Learn the German Alphabet Pre-school / Elementary School Classroom Stud... by Divine, Grace, Grace Divine ISBN: 9781517727925 List Price: $14.00
The Quincy Word List: Over Six Thousand of the Commonest English Words Carefully Graded for ... by Parlin, Frank Edson, Frank ... ISBN: 9781296884284 List Price: $22.95
Elementary English: Based On Steps in English, Book 1 by Morrow, John, John Morrow ISBN: 9781296886967 List Price: $24.95
Complete Guide to the Art of Writing Short-Hand: Being an Entirely New and Comprehensive Sys... by Towndrow, T., T. Towndrow ISBN: 9781332115372 List Price: $9.57
Elementary English Reader: For Spanish-Speaking Students (Classic Reprint) by Sparkman, Colley F., Colley... ISBN: 9781332215843 List Price: $11.57
Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar Containing Accidence and Word-Formation (Cl... by Morris, Richard, Richard Mo... ISBN: 9781440086625 List Price: $14.13
Pollo, Pollo, Lets Learn the Italian Alphabet Pre-school / Elementary School Classroom Stud... by Divine, Grace, Grace Divine ISBN: 9781517727918 List Price: $14.00
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Combo a with Online Assessment by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781316601228 List Price: $45.00
Elementary Grammar Of The English Language by Vickroy, Thomas Rhys, Thoma... ISBN: 9781342431226 List Price: $22.95
A Stem Dictionary of the English Language: For use in Elementary Schools by Kennedy, John, John Kennedy ISBN: 9781296553944 List Price: $25.95
The Law Glossary: Being A Selection Of The Greek, Latin, Saxon, French, Norman And Italian S... by Tayler, Thomas, Thomas Tayler ISBN: 9781298853295 List Price: $30.95
The English Elementary School Some Elementary Facts About It by Newton, A. W., A W. Newton ISBN: 9781341652745 List Price: $26.95
Lessons in English; Elementary Course by Tobias-Josephus, Brother, B... ISBN: 9781341676413 List Price: $25.95
An English History With Illustrations and Maps/ by E.S. Symes ; Adapted for use in Canadian ... by Symes, Es, Wrong, George M.... ISBN: 9781341682896 List Price: $26.95
Elementary English Composition by Sykes, Frederick Henry, Fre... ISBN: 9781341859632 List Price: $25.95
Elementary Course in English: v. 1 by Willard D. Sheeler ISBN: 9780132539319
New English File Elementary. Student Book & Workbook with key + Multi-ROM by Clive, Latham-Koenig, Crist... ISBN: 9780194519434
Elementary Phonetics and Spoken English by Arif Ali Khan ISBN: 9788183294935
A Stem Dictionary of the English Language for Use in Elementary School by John Kennedy ISBN: 9781628450552 List Price: $17.99
Graded Lessons in English: An Elementary English Grammar (1902) by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg ISBN: 9781498195706 List Price: $33.95
Graded Lessons in English: An Elementary English Grammar (1902) by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg ISBN: 9781498146289 List Price: $48.95
New Total English Elementary Active Teach by Unknown ISBN: 9781408255063
English Vocabulary in Use Elementary Vocabulary Reference and Practice by McCarthy, J. ISBN: 9781107682825 List Price: $16.75
Der Elementargeist / The Elementary Spirit: German | English (German Edition) by E. T. A. Hoffmann ISBN: 9781507691496 List Price: $11.99
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Class Audio CDs (3) by Adrian Doff, Craig Thaine, ... ISBN: 9781107466319 List Price: $73.50
Elementary Bible & English Grammar Parent Lesson Planner by Master Books ISBN: 9780890518519 List Price: $14.99
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Presentation Plus DVD-ROM by Adrian Doff, Craig Thaine, ... ISBN: 9781107466425 List Price: $200.00
NYC - District 12 Elementary English Language Arts Classroom Library by Steps To Literacy Staff ISBN: 9781633952966 List Price: $520.00
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