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All of the machines, buildings, and systems that make your life easier and less prone to potential disaster have something in common: an engineer that designed them. Engineers aren't just good with machines. They understand them from the inside out. In many cases, they designed them from the inside out, and built them as well. They are the world's problem solvers. When you rent engineering textbooks, you take the first step towards joining their ranks. These text books teach the science and the art of effective, elegant engineering solutions. Engineering textbooks are available in a wide variety of fields, from industrial engineering to software engineering or nanotechnology. When you rent textbooks, in engineering or another subject, you gain access to the knowledge these books contain without having to deal with getting rid of the book in the future. Simply return the book, and keep the wisdom in its pages for yourself. Textbook rental is such a smart idea; an engineer must have come up with it.

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Part Identifying Number Code System Standard for B18 Internally Threaded Products by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825624 List Price: $56.00
Riveting, Scaling, and Tinner's Setting Hammers : Safety Requirements by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825679 List Price: $28.00
General Instructions by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826041 List Price: $44.00
Metric Hex Cap Screws by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826010 List Price: $54.00
Specifications for Hack Saw Blades by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825921 List Price: $32.00
Specifications for Band Saw Blades by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825914 List Price: $32.00
Hooks by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825891 List Price: $52.00
Cast Iron Fittings for Sovent Drainage Systems by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791825808 List Price: $35.00
Manually Lever-Operated Hoists by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826195 List Price: $58.00
Metric Machine Screws by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826133 List Price: $43.00
Clearance Holes for Bolts Screws and Studs by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826119 List Price: $29.00
Closed Feedwater Heaters by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791826423 List Price: $150.00
Engineering Mechanics: Statics WITH Supplement AND Study Guide v. 1 by J. L. Meriam ISBN: 9780471146308 List Price: $137.85
Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering by Ramamurti ISBN: 9780074518625
Fracture Mechanics: Selcted, Peer Reviewed Papers from the Symposium 8 Fracture Mechanics fr... by Balankin, Alexander, Martín... ISBN: 9780878492534 List Price: $124.00
Basic Mechanical Engineering by D.K. Chavan, G.K. Pathak ISBN: 9788189401313
Mechanical Engineering Design No. 2 : Design Practice by Thornes, Stanley ISBN: 9780748704200
Cash Flow - Planning for Profit by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780761204183 List Price: $295.00
Communication Skills for Managers by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780761204930 List Price: $139.00
Project Management Estimating : Scope, Timeline, Resources by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780761211617 List Price: $295.00
How to Prepare a Financial Forecast by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780761210153 List Price: $195.00
Modern Engineering Practice : Steam, Electricity, Mechanics by Gunsaulus, Frank Wakeley ISBN: 9780559284892 List Price: $30.99
Introduction to Engineering Mechanics and Heat by Welty, Welty, James ISBN: 9780470732205
Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites by Singh, Dileep ISBN: 9780470594674 List Price: $79.95
Engineering Mechanics S. I. Version : Dynamics and Statics Combined by Meriam, J. L., Kraige, L. G. ISBN: 9780471610816 List Price: $97.95
Engineering Mechanics : Statics by Riley, William F., Sturges,... ISBN: 9780471305415 List Price: $29.95
Engineering Mechanics Appendix : Statics by Riley ISBN: 9780471302865 List Price: $20.95
Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics Answers by Riley ISBN: 9780471302735
Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics Appendix by Riley ISBN: 9780471302728
Mechanical Engineering by Lance, Roy ISBN: 9780471106678
Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials by Hertzberg, Richard W. ISBN: 9780471893677
Mechanics of Engineering Materials by Bowes, William H., Russell,... ISBN: 9780471873747 List Price: $65.00
Mechanical Engineering in Islam by Hill, P. ISBN: 9780521354509
Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Wyszynski ISBN: 9780412459603 List Price: $49.95
Practical Geometry for the Architect, Engineer, Surveyor and Mechanic by Tarn, Edward Wyndham ISBN: 9781147614190 List Price: $26.75
A Manual of the Mechanics of Engineering and of the Construction of Machines: With an Introd... by Weisbach, Julius Ludwig ISBN: 9781147557084 List Price: $43.75
Modern Engineering Practice: Mechanical Drawing by American School (Lansing, I... ISBN: 9781147560848 List Price: $34.75
The Theory and Practice of Hydro-Mechanics: A Series of Lectures Delivered at the Institutio... by Institution of Civil Engine... ISBN: 9781147584165 List Price: $25.75
Journal (221, nos. 7-12) by Engineers, Institution Of M... ISBN: 9781154053296 List Price: $26.99
Proceedings - Institution of Mechanical Engineers (139) by Engineers, Institution Of M... ISBN: 9781154213782 List Price: $36.65
A Popular and Descriptive Account of the Steam Engine: Comprising a General View of the Vari... by Partington, Charles Frederick ISBN: 9781146995443 List Price: $33.75
The Mechanic's Calculator: Comprehending Principles, Rules, and Tables in the Various Depart... by Anonymous, Anonymous ISBN: 9781146992138 List Price: $29.75
Mechanics' Pocket Memoranda: A Convenient Pocketbook for All Persons Interested in Mechanica... by Anonymous, Anonymous ISBN: 9781147400892 List Price: $33.75
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