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All of the machines, buildings, and systems that make your life easier and less prone to potential disaster have something in common: an engineer that designed them. Engineers aren't just good with machines. They understand them from the inside out. In many cases, they designed them from the inside out, and built them as well. They are the world's problem solvers. When you rent engineering textbooks, you take the first step towards joining their ranks. These text books teach the science and the art of effective, elegant engineering solutions. Engineering textbooks are available in a wide variety of fields, from industrial engineering to software engineering or nanotechnology. When you rent textbooks, in engineering or another subject, you gain access to the knowledge these books contain without having to deal with getting rid of the book in the future. Simply return the book, and keep the wisdom in its pages for yourself. Textbook rental is such a smart idea; an engineer must have come up with it.

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Airplane Engine Mechanics: Questions And Answers by Rolla Hubbard, Augustin Dil... ISBN: 9781258603465 List Price: $32.95
Nuclear Reactor Plant Data, V2: Research And Test Reactors by Unknown ISBN: 9781258603588 List Price: $33.95
Mechanics; Problems for Engineering Students by Unknown ISBN: 9781313102711 List Price: $23.95
Eminent Engineers; Brief Biographies of Thirty-Two of the Inventors and Engineers Who Did Mo... by Goddard Dwight 1861-1939 ISBN: 9781313101677 List Price: $23.95
A History of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers from 1880 to 1915 by Hutton Frederick Remsen 185... ISBN: 9781290994712 List Price: $34.95
Mechanical Laboratory Methods; the Testing of Instruments and Machines in the Mechanical Eng... by Smallwood Julian Chase 1881- ISBN: 9781313118064 List Price: $30.95
Notes on Practical Mechanical Drawing, Written for the Use of Students in Engineering Courses by Wilson Victor T. (Victor Ty... ISBN: 9781313123730 List Price: $23.95
The Education of Civil and Mechanical Engineers by Dyer Henry ISBN: 9781313414333 List Price: $18.95
Advances in Science and Engineering II (Applied Mechanics and Materials) by Unknown ISBN: 9783037852903 List Price: $276.00
Loose Leaf Version for Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics by Plesha, Michael, Gray, Gary... ISBN: 9780077491291
Mechanical Engineering and Simple Machines by Corporate Contibutor ISBN: 9780778774983 List Price: $27.60
Handbook for Mechanical Engineers by Adams, Henry ISBN: 9781290025614 List Price: $30.95
Hancock's Applied Mechanics for Engineers by Hancock, Edward Lee ISBN: 9781290025430 List Price: $30.95
Wonders of Modern Mechanism. a R�sum� of Recent Progress in Mechanical, Physical, and Engine... by Cochrane, Charles Henry ISBN: 9781407703824 List Price: $30.95
Friction and Lubrication; a Hand-Book for Engineers, Mechanics, Superintendents and Managers by Davis, William M. (William ... ISBN: 9781407743493 List Price: $23.95
Elements of Mechanical Drawing : Their Application and a Course in Mechanical Drawing for En... by Jamison, Alpha Pierce ISBN: 9781407784441 List Price: $23.95
Elements of Mechanics of Materials; a Text for Students in Engineering Courses by Houghton, Charles Edwin ISBN: 9781407784434 List Price: $23.95
Mechanics; a Textbook for Engineers by Boyd, James E. (James Ellsw... ISBN: 9781407768465 List Price: $30.95
Electric Traction for Railway Trains; a Book for Students, Electrical and Mechanical Enginee... by Burch, Edward Parris ISBN: 9781407780818 List Price: $38.95
Elementary Outline of Mechanical Processes, Giving a Brief Account of the Materials Used in ... by Danforth, George Washington ISBN: 9781407782362 List Price: $30.95
Elementary Mechanics, for Engineering Students by Hartmann, Francis M. ISBN: 9781407782249 List Price: $23.95
Hydraulics : Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Applications and Role in Engineering by Gomez-Ramirez, Angela S., D... ISBN: 9781622572465 List Price: $150.00
Advances in Mechanics Engineering : Icame 2012 by Lim, Lawrence ISBN: 9783037855287 List Price: $414.00
Fluid Dynamic and Mechanical and Electrical Control Engineering by Zhou, Xiong ISBN: 9783037855164 List Price: $207.00
Mechanical Engineering Design I by Petrescu, Florian Ion, Petr... ISBN: 9783848230143 List Price: $21.50
Wear Control Handbook by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9789991656731 List Price: $85.00
Elements of Engineering Mechanics by Paul Mukherjee ISBN: 9788120343795
Elements Of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics by R.V. Raikar ISBN: 9788120342903 List Price: $34.75
Engineering Mechanics by Goyal Raghuvans ISBN: 9788120343276 List Price: $34.75
Engineering Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics by P.K. Nag & B. Pati & T.K Jana ISBN: 9781259004360 List Price: $28.75
Engineering Mechanics by Vela Murali ISBN: 9780198062240
A Textbook of Engineering Mechanics by R.N. Dhar ISBN: 9788184121025
Mechanical Appliances, Mechanical Movements And Novelties Of Construction... For Engineers, ... by Gardner Dexter Hiscox ISBN: 9781408620007 List Price: $26.99
The mechanical principles of engineering and architecture. by Michigan Historical Reprint... ISBN: 9781425569167 List Price: $38.99
The mechanic's, machinist's, & engineer's practical book of reference ... together with the ... by Michigan Historical Reprint... ISBN: 9781425558970 List Price: $29.99
Analytical Mechanics for Engineers Dynamics by CHARLES L. And WILLIAM G. M... ISBN: 9780700223053
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