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All of the machines, buildings, and systems that make your life easier and less prone to potential disaster have something in common: an engineer that designed them. Engineers aren't just good with machines. They understand them from the inside out. In many cases, they designed them from the inside out, and built them as well. They are the world's problem solvers. When you rent engineering textbooks, you take the first step towards joining their ranks. These text books teach the science and the art of effective, elegant engineering solutions. Engineering textbooks are available in a wide variety of fields, from industrial engineering to software engineering or nanotechnology. When you rent textbooks, in engineering or another subject, you gain access to the knowledge these books contain without having to deal with getting rid of the book in the future. Simply return the book, and keep the wisdom in its pages for yourself. Textbook rental is such a smart idea; an engineer must have come up with it.

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Domestic Engineering and the Journal of Mechanical Contracting by Anonymous ISBN: 9781246133691 List Price: $37.75
Domestic Engineering and the Journal of Mechanical Contracting by Anonymous ISBN: 9781246122473 List Price: $41.75
Proceedings of the Electrical Society of Cornell University, Volume 8, Parts 1900-1904 by Electrical Society Of Corne... ISBN: 9781248907771 List Price: $39.75
Standard for Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791827451
Pliers : Multiple Position, Adjustable by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791829530
Pliers (Lineman's, Iron Worker's, Gas, Glass, Fence, and Battery) by American Society of Mechani... ISBN: 9780791829417
Pliers : Retaining Ring by American National Standards... ISBN: 9780791829189
Sustainable Vehicle Technologies : Driving the Green Agenda by Institution of Mechanical E... ISBN: 9780857094568
Reference Library : Modern Engineering Practice, Steam, Electricity, Mechanics ... ... by American School Of Correspo... ISBN: 9781275632059 List Price: $35.75
Hydraulic Engineering and Fluid Mechanics by Harirchian, Ehsan, Harirchi... ISBN: 9781478243908 List Price: $10.00
MasteringEngineering -- Access Card -- for Engineering Mechanics: Statics by Anthony M. Bedford, Wallace... ISBN: 9780132753463 List Price: $73.33
Internal Combustion Engines : Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions by Institution of Mechanical E... ISBN: 9780857094742
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch by Miller, Frederic P., Vandom... ISBN: 9786131803222 List Price: $44.00
Introduction to Modern Variational Techniques in Mechanics and Engineering by Vujanovic, Bozidar D., Atan... ISBN: 9781461264675
Hemivariational Inequalities : Applications in Mechanics and Engineering by Panagiotopoulos, Panagiotis D. ISBN: 9783642516795 List Price: $99.00
Progress in Structural Engineering : Proceedings of an International Workshop on Progress an... by Grierson, Donald E., Franch... ISBN: 9789401056045 List Price: $99.00
Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering : Proceedings of the 1st IDMME... by Chedmail, Patrick, Bocquet,... ISBN: 9789401063562 List Price: $349.00
Metric 12-Point Flange Screws by American National Standards... ISBN: 9780791832066
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