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All of the machines, buildings, and systems that make your life easier and less prone to potential disaster have something in common: an engineer that designed them. Engineers aren't just good with machines. They understand them from the inside out. In many cases, they designed them from the inside out, and built them as well. They are the world's problem solvers. When you rent engineering textbooks, you take the first step towards joining their ranks. These text books teach the science and the art of effective, elegant engineering solutions. Engineering textbooks are available in a wide variety of fields, from industrial engineering to software engineering or nanotechnology. When you rent textbooks, in engineering or another subject, you gain access to the knowledge these books contain without having to deal with getting rid of the book in the future. Simply return the book, and keep the wisdom in its pages for yourself. Textbook rental is such a smart idea; an engineer must have come up with it.

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Haswell's Engineers' and Mechanics' Pocket-Book: Containing United States and Foreign Weight... by Haswell, Charles H., Charle... ISBN: 9781330143186 List Price: $11.97
Index of Mining Engineering Literature, Vol. 2: Comprising an Index of Mining, Metallurgical... by Crane, Walter R., Walter R.... ISBN: 9781330430880 List Price: $16.57
Fluid Mechanics for Engineers by Schobeiri, Meinhard T. ISBN: 9783642116094 List Price: $24.99
Concurrent Engineering : Tools and Technologies for Mechanical System Design by J Haug, Edward ISBN: 9783642781209 List Price: $24.99
Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Offshore Engineering by He, Wei, Ge, Shuzhi Sam, Ho... ISBN: 9781447153382 List Price: $24.99
Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Report of the Proceedings at the Fourth Annual General ... by McConnell, J. E., J. E. McC... ISBN: 9781332029556 List Price: $10.57
Mechanics for Engineers: A Text-Book of Intermediate Standard (Classic Reprint) by Morley, Arthur, Arthur Morley ISBN: 9781332043590 List Price: $13.57
Scribner's Engineers and Mechanics Companion: Comprising United States Weights and Measures ... by Scribner, J. M., J. M. Scri... ISBN: 9781332034154 List Price: $11.97
Structural Mechanics: A Handbook for Engineers, Architects, and Students (Classic Reprint) by Parkinson, R. M., R. M. Par... ISBN: 9781332035755 List Price: $9.57
Through Locomotive Works: Being Advice to Young Mechanical Engineers (Classic Reprint) by McDonnell, Randal W., Randa... ISBN: 9781332036523 List Price: $7.97
The Apprentice, or First Book: For Mechanics, Machinists and Engineers (Classic Reprint) by Byrne, Oliver, Oliver Byrne ISBN: 9781332101474 List Price: $9.57
Applied Mechanics for Engineers (Classic Reprint) by Duncan, J., J. Duncan ISBN: 9781332101450 List Price: $23.57
Railway Age Gazette, Mechanical Edition, Vol. 87: Including the American Engineer (Classic R... by Author, Unknown, Unknown Au... ISBN: 9781332098729 List Price: $20.97
American Engineer, Vol. 86: The Railway Mechanical Monthly, Established 1832 (Classic Reprint) by Author, Unknown, Unknown Au... ISBN: 9781332098712 List Price: $20.57
The Engineer's Sketch-Book of Mechanical Movements, Devices, Appliances, Contrivances and De... by Barber, Thomas Walter, Thom... ISBN: 9781330871171 List Price: $16.57
The Rudiments of Architecture and Building: For the Use of Architects, Builders, Draughtsmen... by Bullock, John, John Bullock ISBN: 9781330047927 List Price: $13.57
Engineering Descriptive Geometry: A Treatise on Descriptive Geometry as the Basis of Mechani... by Bartlett, F. W., F. W. Bart... ISBN: 9781330084847 List Price: $10.57
The Young Mechanic: Containing Directions for the Use of All Kinds of Tools, and for the Con... by Author, Unknown, Unknown Au... ISBN: 9781330580097 List Price: $13.97
The Steam-Engine and Other Steam-Motors, Vol. 1 of 2: A Text-Book for Engineering Colleges a... by Heck, Robert C. H., Robert ... ISBN: 9781330147733 List Price: $16.57
The Principles of Mechanics: For Students of Physics and Engineering (Classic Reprint) by Crew, Henry, Henry Crew ISBN: 9781330110164 List Price: $13.57
An Elementary Treatise on the Mechanics of Machinery: With Special Reference to the Mechanic... by LeConte, Joseph N., Joseph ... ISBN: 9781330455159 List Price: $13.97
Elements of Mechanical Drawing: Their Application and a Course in Mechanical Drawing for Eng... by Jamison, Alpha Pierce, Alph... ISBN: 9781330560655 List Price: $11.97
Thermal Integrity in Mechanics and Engineering by Shorr, Boris F. ISBN: 9783662469675 List Price: $179.00
Microcomputer Software for Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics : FE-STATIC-CM Manua... by Microcomp, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780872015333 List Price: $525.00
Microcomputer Software for Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics : STRESS-CM Manual a... by Microcomp, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780872015319 List Price: $1,650.00
Materials Science, Applied Mechanics and Advanced Engineering Research by Ramakrishnan, P. ISBN: 9783038354512 List Price: $135.00
Mechanical Theory of Heat : With Its Applications to the Steam-Engine and to the Physical Pr... by Clausius, Rudolf, Hirst, Th... ISBN: 9781294784159 List Price: $34.75
Draughtsman's Handbook of Plan and Map Drawing : Including Instructions for the Preparation ... by Andr´┐Ż, George Guillaume ISBN: 9781294735793 List Price: $26.75
Energy Systems, Materials and Designing in Mechanical Engineering by Gurova, Elena ISBN: 9783038355489 List Price: $280.00
Bundle: Precision Machining Technology, 2nd + Workbook and Projects Manual + MindTap Mechani... by Peter J. Hoffman, Eric S. H... ISBN: 9781305384330 List Price: $191.95
Introduction to Mechanics for Engineers by Krishna Nath Chakrabarti, R... ISBN: 9788187134503
Compu-M.E.C.H., Mechanically Engineered and Computerized Hero Volume 20: The Chaser by Theodore Raymond Riddle ISBN: 9781503074217 List Price: $16.95
Noise Generation and Control in Mechanical Engineering by Davies, P. O. A. L., Heckl,... ISBN: 9783709128954 List Price: $24.99
Engineering Mechanics of Fibre Reinforced Polymers and Composite Structures by Hult, J., Rammerstorfer, F. G. ISBN: 9783709127032 List Price: $24.99
Computational Recipes of Linear and Non-linear Singular Integral Equations and Relativistic ... by Ladopoulos, Evangelos G. ISBN: 9781634824514 List Price: $190.00
Wave Technology in Mechanical Engineering: Industrial Applications of Wave and Oscillation P... by Ganiev, R. F., Ganiev, S. R... ISBN: 9781119117605 List Price: $175.00
Computational Recipes of Linear and Non-Linear Singular Integral Equations and Relativistic ... by Ladopoulos, Evangelos G., E... ISBN: 9781634824507 List Price: $210.00
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