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A lot of well-meaning people will tell anyone who is handy with a computer that they should get into computer science as a career. These people think that any job dealing with computers is a computer science job. Computer science is about the study of how information is stored, analyzed, and used to solve problems. Some of it is practical, some of it is theoretical, and a lot of seems like magic at first. You can rent computer science textbooks in a number of fields such as computation theory, information science, artificial intelligence, and a number of other subjects that always threaten to destroy humanity in science fiction movies. Textbook rental is a convenient, affordable option to buying text books, especially in technical fields where today's groundbreaking doodad is obsolete in a year. When you rent textbooks, you keep them for the duration of the class and then return them, instead of hoping that your bookstore will buy them back. Whether you're planning to focus on computer security, computer graphics, or evil computers bent on world domination, computer science textbooks will bring you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Pin (Computer Program) by Unknown ISBN: 9786200626509 List Price: $38.00
BASIC: Introduction to Computer Programming Using the BASIC Language by William F. Sharpe, N.L. Jacob ISBN: 9780029285206
Computer Programming in the Punched Card Era by Unknown ISBN: 9786136619729 List Price: $56.00
Taller de programacion y computo/ Programming and Computers Workshop (Spanish Edition) by Martha Angelica Orozco Guzman ISBN: 9789706864079 List Price: $45.95
Distrib I, an Impurity Redistribution Computer Program by Gilsinn, David ISBN: 9781130370782 List Price: $14.14
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming in Computational Finance by Shu-Heng Chen ISBN: 9781461352624 List Price: $252.00
Programming Languages and Systems in Computational Economics and Finance by Nielsen, Soren Bo ISBN: 9781461353690 List Price: $209.00
Boolean Functions : With Engineering Applications and Computer Programs by Schneeweiss, Winfried G. ISBN: 9783642456404 List Price: $99.00
Primer of Programming for Digital Computers : McGraw-Hill Series in Information Processing a... by Wrubel, Marshal Henry, Nash... ISBN: 9781258636944 List Price: $31.95
Users Manual for Rsec88 : Interactive Computer Program for Plotting Seismic Refaction Record... by Luetgert, James Howard ISBN: 9781287040170 List Price: $18.75
Projects for Programs (Computer Science) by Derek Blease ISBN: 9780721495149 List Price: $3.50
Neck Top Computer Programming : Simple Secrets to a Winning Mindset by Ginnelly, Pauline ISBN: 9781480177468 List Price: $7.50
Report on the Medicare Drug Discount Card Program Sponsor Computer Sciences Corporation by Office Of Inspector : U.S. ... ISBN: 9781288343065 List Price: $14.75
The Palace (Computer Program) by Unknown ISBN: 9786201955363 List Price: $36.00
User's Guide for the Bplane, Bstepp, and Bwedge Computer Programs by Department Of Health And Hu... ISBN: 9781288506897 List Price: $17.75
Articles on Space Simulators, Including : Kstars, Stellarium (Computer Program), Celestia, X... by Hephaestus Books, Hephaestus ISBN: 9781244484863 List Price: $55.75
Computer Programming for Kids with SCRATCH by Gaiser, Sandra ISBN: 9780985723170
Live Smart Live Safe� Emergency and Disaster Preparedness : Interactive Computer Program and... by Technological Assistance In... ISBN: 9780985750879 List Price: $100.00
Computer Architecture and Programming of the Intel X86 Family by Stakem, Patrick ISBN: 9780972596657 List Price: $15.00
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