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A lot of well-meaning people will tell anyone who is handy with a computer that they should get into computer science as a career. These people think that any job dealing with computers is a computer science job. Computer science is about the study of how information is stored, analyzed, and used to solve problems. Some of it is practical, some of it is theoretical, and a lot of seems like magic at first. You can rent computer science textbooks in a number of fields such as computation theory, information science, artificial intelligence, and a number of other subjects that always threaten to destroy humanity in science fiction movies. Textbook rental is a convenient, affordable option to buying text books, especially in technical fields where today's groundbreaking doodad is obsolete in a year. When you rent textbooks, you keep them for the duration of the class and then return them, instead of hoping that your bookstore will buy them back. Whether you're planning to focus on computer security, computer graphics, or evil computers bent on world domination, computer science textbooks will bring you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Technical Architecture: Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, System Architecture,... by Surhone, Lambert M., Timple... ISBN: 9786130507954 List Price: $42.00
BASIC Computer Programs in Science and Engineering by Gilder, Jules H. ISBN: 9780685021446 List Price: $10.95
BASIC Computer Programs in Science and Engineering by Gilder, Jules H. ISBN: 9780685021453 List Price: $39.95
Home Computer Programs by Unknown ISBN: 9780318788098 List Price: $7.95
Introductory Computer Programming by Stuart, F. ISBN: 9780471834755
Student Guide to Computer Programming by Wilton, Rex ISBN: 9781855543317
Computer Programming by Blacklock ISBN: 9781855541528
Copyright Protection of Computer Programs by Gaze, Beth ISBN: 9781862870147
Programming Children to Think Like Computers : Manual for Teachers and Parents by Rundquist, Thomas ISBN: 9781884239762 List Price: $29.95
Programming 101 : A Basic Introduction to Computer Programming by Potter, James E. ISBN: 9781885587664 List Price: $26.95
Million Dollar Golf Game : With Help of Computer-Type Self-Programming by Unknown ISBN: 9781885170040 List Price: $14.50
Statistical Power Analysis : A Computer Program by Borenstein, Michael, Cohen,... ISBN: 9781563210075
Turbo Pascal for Windows Programming by Peter Norton Computing Grou... ISBN: 9781566860109 List Price: $39.95
Usability Analysis of the Channel Application Programming Interface by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423512752 List Price: $34.95
Computer Programs Supporting Instruction in Acoustics by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423562320 List Price: $31.95
User's Manual for the Laminated Composite Inelastic SOLver Computer Program by Air Force Inst of Tech Wrig... ISBN: 9781423575870 List Price: $32.95
Computer Programs Supporting Instruction in Acoustics by Naval Postgraduate School M... ISBN: 9781423578215 List Price: $56.95
2009 DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Users Group Conference by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781424457687 List Price: $246.00
Purebasic : A Beginner¿s Guide to Computer Programming by Willoughby, Gary ISBN: 9781427604286 List Price: $21.99
Civil Division¿s Laptop Computer Encryption Program and Practices by Beaudet, Raymond J. ISBN: 9781437926248 List Price: $25.00
Broker Examinations Computer Program by Taylor, Michael S. ISBN: 9781893495135 List Price: $99.95
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